Second Certificate Course on Research by Jus Corpus

ISSN (O): 2582-7820
Jus Corpus Law Journal is a double-blind peer-reviewed E-Journal that provides a platform to
students, academicians, scholars, professors & professionals in the fields of law and
management to publish their Articles, Blogs, Case Comments, Research Papers, etc. in
different volumes and Blog section.
Jus Corpus Law Journal aims to bring various aspects and chains of Law under a single
umbrella and provide services to Law students. The inspiration was derived from the ever-
growing need of the Law Students. We offer Online Internship opportunities to Law Students
as Law Researchers, Case Analysts, Content Writers, Campus Ambassadors, and Editors, etc.
Advocate Rahul Tiwari completed his legal education from New Law College, Bharati
Vidyapeeth, Pune. He has also obtained his LLM, with 8.35 CGPA (Distinction Holder),
specializing in Cyber Crime & Economic offense. He is a Founding & Managing partner of
LNS Associates. He has presented 25 Research papers in various international and national
seminars, in Denmark, NLSIU Bangalore, BHU, CNLU Patna, IIT Hyderabad, NLU Odisha,
IIIT Allahabad, Delhi University, and has 7 Unpaid publications in prestigious journals
including the UGC approved one. Apart from legal practice and research, he loves teaching
students (Colleges & School). He has been invited as a Guest Speaker on more than 10
Webinars where he taught law students about the basics of Criminal & Constitutional Law.
He has also been invited to NLU Delhi as a Resource Person in a national conference on the
Protection of Women from sexual harassment at the workplace. After passing out from his
law school, he has worked on Babari Masjid Demolition case under AOR Mr. Shamshad as
Research Associate and is currently an Associate at Litigation firm Lamba & Lamba,
Gurugram and is practicing in Delhi High Court, District Courts & Gurugram District Court.
His area of interests is Criminal Law, Cyber Law & Security, Artificial Intelligence Law, and

Corporate Litigation. His hobbies include reading, researching, and swimming. He follows
the life philosophy of Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Ambedkar. He loves Horse riding
& swimming.
Research always remains the most important factor of any case. As it is often said that the
cases are not won due to the arguments done in the court but the research done in the
Lawyers chamber. Similarly, it is an old proverb that Napoleon didn’t lose the Battle of
Waterloo on the battlefield but in the playground of Manchester.
Over the years, there is a paradigm shift in the mindset of students regarding the career in
litigation and law firm, i.e., that is the reliance’s on Moot courts and speaking skills (that’s
too few foreign web series). Moot Courts and speaking skills are extremely important for
Lawyers, without any doubt, but if the content in the moot or while speaking has poorly
researched “Contents” then the whole “Context” fails.
In this course, I will try to teach you the basic techniques of legal research, how to research
the issues, and its solution. Most importantly how and what not to do while doing legal
research. Along with that, I will also train to guide you regarding how to utilize the research
skills in other platforms and the mistake I committed while doing research work.

  1. Doing proper legal research and its value
  2. Writing research Paper
  3. Analytical thinking
  4. Avoiding plagiarism
  5. Learning the citations techniques
  6. Interlinking of various legal concept into one
  7. Purpose of legal research in Moot courts & Research paper
  8. Utilization of legal research in Litigation and Firms
  9. Effect of Research on one’s personality
  10. Impact of legal research in drafting
  11. Concept of Research over speaking
  12. Analysis of Content v. Context

Any Law Student or Law Professional can join the Course.
The batch will start on April 30, 2021.
The Live Classes will from April 30 – May 02, 2021.

  1. All the Participants will get the Soft Copy of the Certificates signed by the Course
    Instructor & Course Manager.
  2. 2 Lucky Winners will get a FREE Mobile Accessory worth Rs. 349/- each.
  3. 5 Participants will get Research Internship under Adv. Rahul Tiwari Sir.
  4. 10 Participants will get an Internship in Jus Corpus Law Journal.
  5. FREE Publications to 5 Lucky Winners.
    Registration Fee: Rs. 99/ only. (Offer for Limited Period only)
    Registration Link:
    Last Date to Register: April 29, 2021.
    One of the following methods can be used for making the Payment:
  6. GooglePay or PhonePe: 7755888976 (Sakshi)
  7. Paytm: 7755888976 (Sakshi)
  8. UPI Id: 7755888976@ybl
    (Keep the Screenshot of the Payment to attach in the Registration Form)

Registration Link:
For any query feel free to write to us at
Sakshi Batham: (+91) 7755888976
(Course Manager & COO, Jus Corpus)

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