Webinar on “Impact of Jurisprudence on Modern Judiciary in India” by Anumaarga

About the Organization
ANUMAARGA is an innovative-novel legal platform that aims to provide ‘LEGAL-AID’ and ‘LEGAL-EDUCATION’ over a single platform. It provides a different portal for lawyers to communicate within its community or with people in need of Justice with intent to increase the quality of legal aid while keeping in check the costs involved. In short, it tries to serve the vision of uniting lawyers willing to provide legal aid with people in need of it. ANUMAARGA aspires to provide learning to all ages by providing course and study materials to guide students through every reputed legal field in India and abroad.

About the webinar:
Anumaarga presents a webinar on the Topic- “Impact of Jurisprudence on Modern Judiciary in India”. The webinar aims to get insights on the Different aspects of the role of jurisprudence in Modern judicial approach and its impact on the decision makers.

Guest Speaker:
Prof. JS Singh, Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Allahabad

Webinar Details:
 Date of Event: 4 th July, 2.30pm onwards

 The webinar will be hosted primarily on Google Meet and its link will be shared on the WhatsApp group-


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