Aeldra Proposed Us Bank Account for lIndian Students

Aeldra Financial Inc., a ‘digital neo bank’ Proposed a United States (US) bank account With a Mastercard Global Debit Card for the Indian students who are preparing to get Admission in the US ?

•The account could be opened and operated From India even before the students get an F 1 visa.

Objective: To enable the Indian students, Professionals, and investors to get their US Bank account before they leave for the U.S.

Requirements: Aeldra requires only a valid Indian passport and other local documents For KYC (know your customer) to open the Account (No need for U.S. Social Security Number, U.S. address proof or even a U.S.


Benefits of the Aeldra Bank account: has no minimum balance requirement and it doesn’t have foreign currency mark-up fees

ii.The account will enable the users to transfer funds to a USD account from India to protect

against exchange rate depreciation.

iii.U.S. bank account is insured with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) through its Banking partner Blue Ridge Bank, N.A.,

•FDIC is an independent agency of the US Government that protects against the loss of Insured deposits if an FDIC insured bank fails has Multi-layered information protection, fraud protection, and unauthorized transaction protection along with high-tech mobile banking

experience and 24X7 servicing. has a feature to lock/unlock Debit cards through the App (when unused)

vi. It contains AeldraPay, a free peer-to-peer transfer, which will offer a quick way of sending funds in real-time.funds in real-time.

About Aeldra Financial Inc.:

It is a digital banking and investment platform investor Serving students, professionals, and investors Globally. It has partnered with Blue Ridge Bank,

N.A. and Mastercard in the US.

Establishment 2019

Headquarters Silicon Valley, California, US

Headquarters(India) – Bangalore, Karnataka

CEO Sukeert Shanker

M.D (India) – Anil Kumar N.S.


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