HDFC ERGO Launched a Health Policy Optima Secure

HDFC ERGO General Insurance, a non-life Insurance company, launched a new health Indemnity insurance policy named ‘Optima Secure’ to redefine the values of insurance plans That would be obtained by customers.

• The insurance plan provides guaranteeing Coverage for listed non-medical expenses and It would offer up to 4 times the sum insured By customers at no additional charge within 2 Years

•The plan offers broad coverage from 5 Lakhs  to 2 Crores.

4 Benefits of Optima Secure:

1.Secure Benefit – The plan doubles the

insurance cover automatically and instantly on purchase of the policy (eg. If the base cover is Rs

10 lakh it would be doubled to Rs 20 lakh).

2.Plus Benefit-  The base coverage of the policy would be increased automatically by 50 percent after 1 year and to 100 percent after 2 years.

3.Restore Benefit– If the coverage of the

customers is over, the policy would restore their

base coverage up to 100 percent.

4.Protect Benefit- The policy has zero’

deduction on consumables and listed non- medical expenses.

About HDFC ERGO General Insurance

It is a joint venture (51:49) between HDFC Ltd, The Housing Finance Institution and ERGO International AG, the insurance entity of Munich Re Group.

Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra

MD &CEO Ritesh Kumar


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