Maharashtra goes underwater

As the monsoon season starts to kick in Maharashtra the situation gets ugly in there, currently the reported loss of life is 40 and more than 100s were injured. According to the reports the expected rainfall for the July month is to be around 845mm but as far now alone the recorded rainfall crossed over 958mm and with a week left to end the month of July it is expected that rainfall will get lesser in the upcoming 4 days.

As the situation getting out of the hands the Maharashtra government has received the support of naval and helicopter assistance that are deployed in Mahad, Chipuli, Ratanagiri, Raigad regions upon on request. At least 56 villagers have been rescued with cattle in Chiplun mirjori village from landslides and over 100 people have moved to safer areas. More to be afraid is the collateral damages – landslide and collapsed building, around 36 were killed in landslide and 7 killed due to collapsed building. Around 45 villages were cut off due to heavy rainfall which submerged the roads.


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