After the completion of two successful editions of the Certificate Program on Intellectual Property Laws (IP Laws) we now propose to you our third edition of the same. This year’s program structure is designed with the aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the various laws and contemporary issues related to intellectual property rights.

To give a brief overview of this area of law, anything generated by a person using their intellect and skill is called Intellectual Property.The rights given by the government to such persons over this property are termed as Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). It is a wide concept and includes intellectual activities in various fields such as industry, literature, science, and arts. Copyright, trademark, patent, geographical indications, performers’ rights, broadcasters’ rights are few such intellectual properties recognized in India. These properties are protected by law and any unauthorized reproduction and use of such properties without the permission of the intellectual property holder amounts to a serious offence.

Understanding, recognizing and respecting such rights is of utmost importance as while intellectual property forms a niche part of the law, it is fast emerging as an integral part of business and entrepreneurship. However, new advances in science, arts, and technology continuously outpace the development of law around intellectual property. The Certificate Program has been designed with the objective of not only giving a basic understanding of all forms of intellectual property to the participants, but also familiarizing them with the contemporary trends and current developments in the field.

Due to the pandemic and the current guidelines operative in the state of Maharashtra, the course will be conducted online via Google Meet. The links for meet will be intimated to the participants by email.

Objectives of the Program:
 Basic knowledge of the various branches of IP Laws.
 A holistic understanding of the legalities of IPR.
 Discussion on contemporary issues in IP Laws.

 Understanding intricacies involved in drafting and filings for Intellectual Property registration.
 Analyzing the development laws relating to Intellectual Property.

Dates for Program: 22 nd  September 2021 to 2 nd October 2021.

Teaching Methodology:
 Interactive lectures will be conducted by eminent academicians, practicing lawyers and IP professionals through G Suite meet.

Eligibility for Participation 
 Students and Professionals from any discipline.

Number of Seats: Limited
Registration Fees: Rs. 5428/- (Inclusive of GST)   
Registration and Mode of Payment:  Online only
Last Date of Registration: 20 September 2021

For more details, and to register for the program, click here:

Contact details: 
(A) Faculty coordinator: Dr. Suvarna S Nilakh   Email ID: suvarna.nilakh@ilslaw.in
Ms. Vindhya Gupta Email ID: vindhya.gupta@ilslaw.in

(B) Student coordinators:
Antara Bhide (7057117832) Ayaan Yusufzai (7410736622)
DeveeshaTudekar (9673466338) Email ID- iprcell@ilslaw.in

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