Delhi begins 6th Sero-survey from September 24

•The Delhi government on September 23, 2021, approved the 6th round of Sero-survey to begin from September 24. Delhi Health Ministry stated that 28,000 samples from 272 wards will be collected in the 6th Sero-survey.

•The 6th Sero-survey will be conducted in collaboration with 3 NGOs namely United Way Bengaluru, ATE Chandra Foundation, and IDFC Foundation.

•In a Sero-survey, blood samples of humans are collected to detect the presence of antibodies of COVID19. If a person had been infected and got cured of the infection, then the sero-survey report of that patient will come positive for antibodies.

•As per ICMR, sero-surveys helps in ascertaining the proportion of the population in a state that got exposed to COVID19 infection including asymptomatic individuals. Appropriate public health interventions are implemented on the basis of the results of the level of sero-prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 infection.


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