Supreme Court progressively approved the e-authenticated bail orders to release prisoners fast .

While expressing the concern and considering the hardship faced by jail-inmates to get free even after getting bail orders due to communication gap and lapse of time in transmission of court orders to jail authorities . Court 1st time approved the e-communication medium FASTER for transmission of e-authenticated copies of orders .

It’s seriously high time to pass such orders said CJI .

The supreme court said that the procedural changes will be taken care of by the administrative side in rules of supreme court .

Court issued suo moto direction in case of delay in release even after getting bail .

FASTER will provide easy access and transmission of bail orders , stay orders , interim orders , to those who holds responsibility to execute the same .

The Bench informed all Secretery , DG , IG of state prison authority to ensure smooth and successful implementation of FASTER system .

Court orders all duty holders to register the updates of rules and procedures and comply with the FASTER system and recognise the e- authenticated copy of order .

The apex court also orders the chief secretaries of all states to ensure the internet facility available in all jails and if there is some lacuna in fast services do it expeditiously to match with the new system .

19 States reported expeditious internet services at par the requirements , 6 north eastern states lack the facility of internet .

On 6th July court had taken suo moto cognizance on one reported case of 3 day delay in release from prison after getting bail order .


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