AIMIM Muslim Quota Demand Creates Ruckus For MVA

At a time when the Maharashtra government is struggling to provide reservation to both the Marathas as well as OBCs, the AIMIM has bowled a googly with the demand for a quota for Muslims in the state. First offered by a Congress-NCP government seven years ago, the quota remains a non-starter.

“Every time we raise our voice for the quota for Muslims, ruling party leaders say it’s a poll gimmick. To prove our point, it is our open challenge to the government that we will not contest in any upcoming local poll in Maharashtra if it gives reservation to Muslims,” he told mediapersons.

Two days after taking out the Tiranga rally and holding a demonstration in Mumbai, the state unit of AIMIM on Monday demanded a special bill be brought into the winter session of the legislature for Muslim quota.

“The ruling three-party alliance has comfortable majority to pass such a bill. Since these parties, including Shiv Sena, claim to be secular, there should not be any hesitation in giving reservation to Muslims,” Jaleel said.

Stating that the demand for Muslim reservation was not sub judice, like some other quotas, he said the state government must take necessary steps at the earliest.

AIMIM has also demanded strengthening of Wakf Board to protect its properties in the state.


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