ONLINE CERTIFICATE COURSE by LedX on Mergers & Acquisitions in collaboration with Biz & Legis from 3rd January 2022 – 7th January 2022

About LedX

LedX is harnessing legal education through app-based learning, online professional & student community, and courses delivery beyond the traditional education system through a single platform, making legal education easily accessible worldwide. LedX has created an ecosystem of Instructors, legal experts, and working professionals who have deep knowledge and understanding of law content and learners all under one roof where LedX acts as a tutor and guides to assist them in fulfilling their goals.

LedX is conducting a certification course on Mergers & Acquisitions in collaboration with Biz & Legis from 3rd January 2022 – 7th January 2022

Mergers & Acquisition Professional is an industry recognized certificate program designed to meet the needs of law students & legal professionals. The course covers all the aspects of the transaction process and provides insight into being a successful M&A Professional. Providing understanding of best practices of M&A Process, valuation, due diligence. The course dives into the core substance and advancements of the Mergers & Acquisition practice and enhance your career to the next level.

The purpose of this course is to give students an overview of the law relating to M&A in India and also sensitize them to the practical issues relating to deal-making within the confines of those laws.

The course consists of the following modules:

MODULE I – Introduction to basic concepts [By Jolly John, Biz & Legis]

MODULE II – Structure of Mergers & Acquisition in India [By Prof. Kondaiah Jonnalagadda, Professor of Law & Dean, MNLU Aurangabad] 

MODULE III –Ancillary Concepts [By Ms. Priyanka Murali, Associate, Jyoti Sagar Associates]

MODULE IV – Different Approaches of Valuation of M & A [By Adv Liza Meghan Cyriac, Biz and Legis

MODULE V –Legal Drafting [By Adv Irene Babu, Biz and Legis]

By enrolling for this course, you get the following benefits!

1.     Focused & dedicated understanding of Mergers & Acquisition

2.     A resume structured for a corporate career

3.     Learning an advanced area of law

4.     Mastering practical aspects of M & A Transactions

5.     Interaction with Industry experts

6.     Industry recognized certification program

All of this and much more at minimum price of Rs.999/-

Register yourself today!

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