CJI justice N.V.Ramana  bids farewell to supreme court judge justice Subash Reddy.

CJI Justice N.V.Ramana on 4th January 2022 Tuesday said justice Subash Reddy was the first judge from Telangana to become a supreme court judge after the new state came into being in Reddy’s farewell from the ceremonial bench. CJI Ramana said that justice Reddy was also born into an agricultural family like him and his journey as a legal professional is marked by many miles tones.

He said: “I remember him as a young lawyer. He used to run from one Court to another because of the volume of his work he practiced for 22years at tribunal civil courts, the Andhra Pradesh High court and also before the SC in Civil, Criminal, constitutional, revenue, taxation, labour, company and service matters on both original and appellate side”.

The CJI said that field of specialization of justice Reddy was constitutional law and he was standing counsel for several premier institutions. Justice Ramana said “ Though out his tenure as a judge for 20 years in different High courts and Supreme court of India he always upheld and protected the people’s liberties”.

Sharing justice Reddy’s journey as supreme court judge , the CJI said Justice Reddy dealt with several sensitive questions of law and panned down more than 100 judgement . CJI said : “ Justice Reddy is known for his compassion and consciousness about social realities I have also shared a bench with him and have benefited from his opinion and acumen. Justice Reddy shall also be remembered for his dedicated commitment on the administrative side of the supreme court.”

Commenting on the simplicity and humidity of the justice Reddy, CJI Ramana said that he won everyone’s heart through this. The  CJI said: “ He will always be remembered as a fair and hard working Judge, I have always cherish his strong support and friendship in our 40 years of association I give him my best wishes for a long and healthy life. I wish all of Brother Reddy’s family, the best of health and happiness”.

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