Kazakhstan President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev accepted the government reignition, said his office on Wednesday. The government had reigned due to the violent protest on increase in fuel price in oil rich country in the Central Asia.  The President had declared state of emergency on Wednesday in Almaty and the oil-producing western Mangistau province. The protest begun on 2nd January because of doubling of petroleum gas. The President believe that there is a hand of foreign provocateurs in the breakout of violence in the country. The government was headed by the Prime Minister Askar Mamin. According to the order of President, Deputy prime minister Alikhan Smailov will be the acting Prime minister till the formation of new government in the country. The state of emergency in Mangistau province and Almaty will began from today i.e., 5th January till 19th January 2022. Almaty is also known as the financial capital of the country. During his address to the nation, the President stated that ‘’The government will not be felled, but we don’t need conflict.’’ The President also appointed a new deputy head of the national security who will replace Samat Abish, who is the current Deputy head of national security. All the apps like telegram, WhatsApp were unavailable in the country to stop and blocked the content which will broke the violence in the country, this step was also taken to stop the violence in the financial capital of the country.

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