China’s Birth Rate shows record decease in 2021

The Birth rate in China decreases historically in the year 2021. The report also said that this will also impact the economic condition of the country because due to decreasing birth rate, the number of aged people will increase in China.  China is also showing demographic crisis and also shoeing aged workforce nowadays, which leads to slowing economic growth and lowest growth of population in decades. The birth rate of China is now decreases to 7.52 birth per 1000 population in 2021. In 2020 the birth rate of China was 8.52 birth per 1000 population. This shows the lowest birth rate in China’s annual yearbook since 1978. It is also lowest since the formation of communist China. In 2021, authority of China gave permission to her citizens for having three children in their family.  In 2021, the country logged 10.62 million births according to official data of the government of  China.

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