Certificate Course on ‘Interplay between Law and Economics in the Contemporary World’ [ Last date of registration: January 22, 2022 ]

To gain a deeper understanding on the interplay between Economics and Law, the JLU Faculty of Law has come up with an innovative Masterclass Certificate Course on ‘Interplay between Law and Economics in the Contemporary World’. 

The contemporary world requires a great amount of attention to the interdisciplinary study and analysis of concepts.  Law and economics are two such fields that have significant global importance and exhibit an interplay that needs to be studied in order to gain insights into the dynamics of the legal system and economic principles. Economic analysis of law allows academicians, experts, and practitioners to interpret the existing policy frameworks and cultivate an interest in interdisciplinary research. Keeping in mind the need for understanding the theme of law and economics and reflecting on its influence, this Masterclass Certificate Course is designed to provide a comprehensive view of this interdisciplinary concept. The course will be facilitated by speakers from academia, industry, and regulatory institutions on a range of topics to provide a substantial understanding of the interplay between law and economics.

REGISTER NOW and gain exposure, to the inter-relationship between law and economics and be certified by one of the best law schools of Central India.

Last date of registration: January 22, 2022

Payment link: https://m.paytm.me/jlcumcc_social

Registration link:   https://forms.gle/9kSzwziYmw1tE3Px8


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