Mortal Remains of 2 Indians Killed In Abu Dhabi Drone Attack To Reach Punjab Today

Iran-backed Houthi group took the responsibility of a drone attack on three petroleum tankers in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, on 17 January 2022 i.e., Monday. This attack led to the death of two Indians, Hardev Singh and Hardeep Singh, and a Pakistani national. The group warned that the “UAE is an unsafe state as long as its aggressive escalation against Yemen continues.”

The Houthi group is based in Yemen which has been devastated by a near seven-year civil war fuelled by political instability. This war started after Houthis captured the capital Sana’a, following which Saudi-led forces intervened and fought the rebels with the aim of ending Iranian influence in the region and restoring the former government. The UAE joined the Saudi campaign in 2015 and has been deeply involved in the conflict ever since, despite announcing the formal withdrawal of its forces in 2019 and 2020.

Following Monday’s drone attack, the Saudi coalition announced that it had launched air strikes targeting the rebel-held capital Sanaa.

The mortal remains of the two Indians who were killed in the attack reached Punjab on Friday i.e., 19 January 2022. The body of Hardev Singh is being taken to Bagha Purana village in Punjab’s Moga district, while that of Hardeep Singh has reached his native village, Mahisampur, which is nearly 35 km away from here, officials said.

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