Call for Volunteers to be an active part of the PlanT community

About PlanT – LLB ̊

At PlanT, we aim to make life during and post one’s education easier through an Experience-Based Teaching & Learning Model to encourage discourse on the various opportunities and career options. PlanT – LLB ̊ has been created specifically for students who are either currently pursuing/have completed their LLB degrees. This can help students & graduates make informed decisions about what they wish to do and how they can do it. We have specialized series that cover different opportunities that a student may pursue during & post their LLB degree. This helps identify the various avenues/ opportunities of relevance, how to go about selecting them & what bearing this could have on their goals. Each session is conducted by speakers who have been there & have experience, which is in pursuance of our motto of enhancing awareness and creating information symmetry through an Experience-Based Teaching and Learning model.

About the Opportunity

PlanT aims to encourage a discourse on the various opportunities and career options for students. This can only be achieved when the students and young professionals themselves are involved in this process. To this end, we encourage students and graduates both from any and all fields of study to be an active part of the PlanT community. We welcome your contributions to PlanT by Volunteering with us.


We are inviting applications to join us as General Volunteers.

You can alternatively also join us as a volunteer in any of the following teams

  • Drafting & Editing Team
  • Design Team
  • Business Development Team

Mode of Internship

The Volunteer program at PlanT – LLB ̊ would be remote and virtual. 

Roles and Responsibilities of the Volunteer

  • Scouting out accomplished individuals to be interviewed by PlanT – LLB ̊ as a part of the ‘Experienced based Education and Learning’ initiative
  • Creating an extensive database of outreach contacts.
  • Assisting in formulating and executing a marketing strategy for PlanT – LLB ̊.
  •  Drafting and editing content for Plant LLB ̊ depending upon requirement (Drafting & Editing Team)

Eligibility Criteria (Educational Background, Skills and Abilities Required, etc)

  • Students currently enrolled in any course/program in a University/College in India.
  • Professionals could also apply to join in leadership roles in different verticals.
  • Basic skills in using MS Office.


No stipend will be provided.

How to apply?

Kindly fill this form to volunteer with PlanT –


E-mail ID:

You can find our videos here –

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