EC Announces Two-Phase Biennial Polls for UP Legislative Council Local Authorities Seats

The Election Commission of India (ECI) announced on Friday that biennial elections to the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council seats, spread across 35 local authorities’ constituencies, will be held in two phases on March 3 and 7. This comes amid the ongoing battle between political parties for seats in the upcoming UP assembly elections. On March 12th, the results will be tallied. On March 7th, the members’ term will come to an end.

“In the concerned constituency, the Model Code of Conduct for the aforementioned elections will take effect immediately. The Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary has been ordered to appoint a senior officer from the state to ensure that the state’s existing directives on Covid-19 containment measures are followed when making election preparations “the statement from the Election Commission

The constituency of the Mathura-Etah-Mainpuri local authorities contains two seats for which separate elections will be place, according to the poll board. 29 seats will vote in phase one, and six constituencies will vote in phase two.

In phase 1, the constituency of the Mathura-Etah-Mainpuri Local Authorities, which has two members, will go to the polls. On February 4, the notification for phase one of the poll, which will take place on March 3, will be released, while the notification for phase two, which will take place on March 7, will be released on February 10.

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