‘Unconstitutional’: Supreme Court cancels suspension of 12 Maharashtra BJP MLAs.

  The Supreme Court on 28th January 2022 Friday set aside the suspension of the 12 Maharashtra BJP MLAs from the assembly for one year, saying the decision was arbitrary, unconstitutional and illegal. A bench headed by justice A.M.KHANWIKAR said the MLAs cannot be suspended beyond the session reinstating them, the court held that the resolutions are malice in the eyes of law ineffective and “beyond the powers of the assembly”.

The 12 MLAs- Sanjav Kute, Ashish Shelar, Abhimanv Pawar, Girish Mahajan, Atul Bhatkhaikar, Parag Alavani, Harish Pimpale, Yogesh Sagar, Jay Kumar Rawat, Narayan Ruche, Ram Salpute And Bunty Bhangdia- were suspended on July 5, 2021, after the state government accused them of “misbehaving” with presiding officer BHASKAR JADHAV in the speaker’s chamber.

Following the order, BJP MLA GIRISH MAHAJAN, who is one of those who suspended, said: “The SC judgment is a slap on the Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi government’s face. The suspension was an act of vendetta. They wanted to keep as away from the speaker’s election. The supreme court’s judgment is fair and has undone the wrong”. 

It was not only a question of 12 MLAs but of more than 50 lakh citizens in these


Democracy saved!!! #12MLAs #Maharashtra #BJP


(@ Dev_Fadnavis) January 28, 2022

Former Maharashtra chief minister DEVENDRA FADNAVIS, while welcoming the judgment, wrote on the twitter. “We welcome and thank the Hon Supreme court for historic decision of quashing of suspension of our 12 BJP Maharashtra MLAs, who were fitting for the cause of OBCs in Maharashtra legislative assembly during the monsoon session.” He added, “This decision will save the democratic values & it is a yet another tight slap on the face of MVA government for it’s unconstitutional, unethical, unfair, illegal & undemocratic actions & activities”.

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