LASDES E-JOURNAL calls for unique and unpublished research papers [ The last date to submit the Manuscript is 20th February 2022]

About LASD Educational Society

  • LASD Educational Society (NGO) is a Non-Profit Organization which is involved in sectors of Legal Education, Legal Aid and Social Reforms, expressly focusing on students and people belonging to backward communities, who are resource-deprived or suppressed. It is a development of professional legal enthusiasts who undertake to legally empower citizens of the State of Uttar Pradesh, contributing towards their social and moral responsibility.


  • LASDES E-JOURNAL(ISSN: 2455-3832) is open access, professional-reviewed reference-journal, dedicated to express views on topical legal and social issues, thereby generating a cross current of ideas on emerging matters.

Call for Papers

  • LASDES E-JOURNAL calls for unique and unpublished research papers.


  • Submission must be related to any Socio-Legal Issues, Corporate Matters, International Matters and other such topics related to Law.

Word Limit

  • Submission Heads and Word Limit (excluding abstracts and footnotes)

a. Articles: 2000 – 4000 words

b. Case Analysis/Commentaries: 800 – 2000 words

c. Research Papers: 4000 – 7000 words

d. Book Review: 1000-3000 words

Submission Guidelines

  • Headings, Font and Spaces: All work (Articles, Research Papers, Book Reviews or Case Analysis) should be as per the following specification:
  • Heading: Times New Roman (Full Caps-Lock), 16-point font and in Bold (space after a paragraph, followed by author(s) name).
  • Sub-Headings: Times New Roman, 12-point font and in Bold.
  • Body: Times New Roman, 12-point font and 1.5 – spaced.
  • Abstract: Times New Roman, 12-point font, in Italics and 1.5 – spaced.
  • Footnotes: Times New Roman, 9-point font.
  • Abstract Submission: All submissions containing an abstract should not be more than 250 words.
  • Citation Format: Please use footnotes rather than endnotes. For citation, one can refer to Bluebook (latest edition). Acceptable Citation Formats include APA, MLA, ILI, Harvard, and Oxford’s OSCOLA.


  • All authors will be provided a certificate of publication.
  • The e-certificate will be released on a rolling basis within 72 hours of payment.
  • The top 3 Authors of the whole issue will get Certificate of Excellence and chance to be the Project Manager of LASDES E-Journal.
  • Top 5 Authors will get a chance to work as Editor of the Journal.

Submission Details

  • Authors can Email their Manuscript –

Publication Fee

  1. Single Author Manuscript: Rs. 150/- (Rupees One Hundred Fifty only)
  2. Co-authored Manuscript: Rs. 250/- (Rupees Two Hundred Fifty only)
  3. Manuscript by 3 Authors: Rs. 300/- (Rupees Three Hundred only)

Important Dates

  • The last date to submit the Manuscript is 15th February 2022.

Contact Information

  • E-mail ID:
  • E-Journal Project Head: +91-9519371560
  • LASDES President: +91- 9918866992
  • Visit us at:

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