Law Gardner Present’s Webinar on “Arbitral Awards & Appeal” [ Date of Webinar :- 13/02/2022 , Time :- 4:00 PM  ]


Law gardener is a platform for every individual irrespective of any gender, religion, cast, creed whether the person is from law background or non – law background. Here we post latest legal news, simplified explanation of legal points, Organize  Webinar’s, Post Quotes by various eminent Jurist & famous personality . 

Our motto is to give basics of law to every common man ,So our tagline is “ Planting the seeds of law” . 


Law gardener is organizing its Eighteenth webinar which will be live on YouTube on the topic “ Arbitral Awards & Appeal ” With Adv. Deepika Sreenivas ( Legal Executive Christy Friedgram Industry ).

Participants can submit there questions they would like to ask to the speaker during registration itself & also they can ask the questions in the comment section of the live stream. 

Date of Webinar :- 13/02/2022 , Time :- 4:00 PM 

Registration Link :-  Click here

Note :- Participation Certificate will be given to all the participants after filing the Feedback form which will be given after the session. 

For any Query can contact on :- 

E-mail :-

WhatsApp:- 9739634630 

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