Calm prevails in educational institutions following 3-day holiday

 The Karnataka High Court is hearing a number of petitions contesting the Karnataka government’s February 5 decree prohibiting employees from wearing anything other than the specified uniform. The Karnataka government had ordered the closure of all high schools and colleges in the state for three days, which brought calm to educational institutions that had previously experienced heated times over the Hijab row.

According to accounts, the majority of them have returned to teaching via the internet. Primary schools throughout the state continued to operate normally.Protests for and against the ‘hijab’ grew in intensity across Karnataka on Tuesday, with some becoming violent.

Araga Jnanendra, Karnataka’s home minister, and R Ashoka, the state’s revenue minister, both attacked the Congress on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Karnataka Home Minister Araga Jnanendra and Revenue Minister R Ashoka accused the Congress of inflaming the Hijab debate.

“In relation to the Hijab issue, Congress leaders are putting fuel to the flames.” People in Karnataka will toss them in the Arabian Sea if they continue to do so,” Jnanendra told reporters.

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