The Louis M. Brown and Forrest S. Mosten International Client Consultation Competition, 2022 (India National Rounds) 5th – 6th March, 2022

About the Brown Mosten International Client Consultation Competition:

The Louis M. Brown and Forrest S. Mosten International Client Consultation Competition is an annual competition for the winners of national rounds of the competitions across the world. The 2022 International competition will be held in Online Mode between 19th-24th April 2022 and hosted by the Hillary Clinton School of Law at Swansea University, Wales. This competition provides an exciting opportunity for law students to learn and practice interviewing and counselling skills as well as to meet participants from an amazing range of nations and cultures. Over the last ten years, law students from more than 30 countries have taken part in this competition like: Australia, China, Croatia, England and Wales, Germany, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Russia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, and the United States etc.

A Client Counselling Competition for law students was first established in 1969 by Louis M Brown. It was adopted by the American Bar Association in 1972 and the International Competition was inaugurated in 1985. The International Competition was named after Louis M Brown in 1993 and In May 2010, the competition’s name was subtly changed from “client counseling” to “client consultation”. The Competition is affiliated with the International Bar Association and collaborates closely with law societies and bar associations throughout the world.

About Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur:

Hidayatullah National Law University was established under the Hidayatullah National University of Law, Chhattisgarh, Act, (No. 10 of 2003). It is recognized by the University Grants Commission u/s 2(f) and 12(B) of the UGC Act, 1956 and also by the Bar Council of India u/s 7 (1) of the Advocates Act, 1961. HNLU is the first National Level Institute established in the new State of Chhattisgarh in the year 2003 and the sixth Law University in the country. HNLU has been ranked 5th in India Today Ranking 2021 and 51-100 on crisis management during COVID by the World’s Universities with Real Impact (WURI) Ranking 2021 and 201-300 among the innovative and emerging Universities by WURI and is set to scale new benchmarks in the years to come.

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Arup Kumar Goswami, Chief Justice, High Court of Chhattisgarh is the Chancellor of the University. Prof. (Dr.) V. C. Vivekanandan, former MHRD Chair Professor of IP Law at NALSAR University and also former Dean of the Rajiv Gandhi School of Law, IIT Kharagpur and School of Law, Bennett University is the Vice-Chancellor of the University. Prof. (Dr.) Uday Shankar is the Registrar of the University. 

Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur (HNLU) is hosting National Rounds of Louis M Brown and Forrest S Mosten International Client Consultation Competition, 2022 in Online Mode scheduled from 5th-6th March, 2022. The winning team of the national rounds would represent India in the Louis M. Brown and Forrest S. Mosten International Client Consultation Competition, 2022.

About National Rounds of the Competition:

In National rounds, around 30-35 teams from leading law schools participate. There are two stages in the competition, viz. client interviewing and counselling; and post-interview and counselling stage, without client. The competition is judged on the basis of specific criteria like: establishing the working atmosphere and professional approach, suggesting alternatives and allowing the client to make an informed choice etc. The Competition simulates a law office consultation in which two law students, acting as lawyers (attorneys/solicitors/legal practitioners), are presented with a client matter. The participants conduct an interview with a person playing the role of the client.  Participants are expected to elicit the relevant information from the client, explore with the client his or her preferred outcome, outline the nature of the problem, and present the client with a means (or range of alternatives, if appropriate) for resolving the problem.  The interview with the client is then followed by a post-consultation period during which the participants, in the absence of the client, analyze the interview and discuss the legal and other work to be undertaken. The interview and post-consultation period last a total of 35 minutes. The participants are evaluated by a panel of judges. The participants are evaluated against specific criteria that emphasize the use of listening, questioning, planning, and analytical skills in a lawyer/client interview. Once the judges have completed their evaluation of the interview, the participants are called back in and the judges provide a brief critique of the team’s handling of the consultation and post-consultation periods.



1.1. Only Law Colleges/Universities recognized by the Bar Council of India are eligible to participate.

1.2. Only bonafide students pursuing LL.B. Three Year/Five Year Degree programmes in aforementioned institutions [refer 1.1], during the current academic year are eligible to participate.

1.3. Members of any winning team of the Louis M. Brown and Forrest S. Mosten International Client Consultation Competition are not allowed to re-enter the competition. 


2.1. Each team shall consist of TWO participants.

2.2 Only ONE team is allowed per institution.


3.1 Participation is open for the teams that have successfully completed the application (by duly filling the registration form and making the payment) before the deadline on a first come first served basis.

3.2 Each Team shall make payment of Rs. 3000/- as Registration Fee for the competition on the following bank details:


Account Holder’s Name: Registrar, Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur

Bank Name: IDBI Bank

Account No.: 1188102000000806

IFSC Code: IBKL0001188

MICR Code: 492259503

Branch Name – HNLU Campus Branch, Uparwara, Naya Raipur

Account Type – Current A/C

3.3 Teams are required to duly fill the registration form and upload the proof of payment along with the registration form through following link/QR code:

3.4 The participating institution shall also send an email with Institution’s registration form at through its MCC/ADR Committee or HOD/Dean/Registrar’s office via official email id confirming that the registered participants are bonafide students of the institution and are selected/nominated to represent the institution in the national rounds of the Louis M. Brown and Forrest S. Mosten International Client Consultation Competition, 2022.

3.5 After filling the registration form the team will receive an acknowledgement email after the verification of the details of registration form/attachments including the proof of the registration fee payment by the host institution.

3.6 After the last date of registration process, the team will be assigned a Team Code.


4.1 Cisco Webex Platform would be used for the competition and details of the orientation session and respective rounds of the competition along with joining link will be communicated one day in advance of the scheduled date of the event. Participants are requested to download the Cisco Webex App on their electronic device/s (Laptop/desktop/Tablet or Mobile) through the following link:

4.2 Every participant of the competition is required to have a good and stable internet connection with a speed of at least 2 MBPS at their end with a backup of a dongle / hot spot of a mobile.  It is also required to have a UPS/battery backup for the electronic device/s being used to participate in the Competition.

4.3 In case of any technical/network issues during any round of the competition the participant is required to contact with the host institution through official HNLU – ICCC2022 Whatsapp Group (Details will be provided following successful registration for the competition) and maximum 15 minutes will be provided for said participant to resolve the issue. If such an issue will remain unresolved, then marks will be assigned based on performance.

4.4 It is mandatory for the participants to switch on camera throughout the respective round/s of Competition. The participants have to ensure proper lighting for visibility at their end.

4.5 Microphones/Mikes must be switched off, except in case required as per the format of the Competition. It is advisable to use earphones (wireless or wired) for clarity of audio during the Competition. 


5.1 The INAUGURAL cum Orientation Session will be held on 4th March, 2022 FN through Cisco Webex.

5.2 In this session, participants will be briefed about the details of the competition (including

fixtures), wherein they are welcome to seek clarifications, if any.

5.3 All participating teams are mandatorily required to attend the INAUGURAL cum Orientation Session, failing which the participation of team in the competition may be forfeited by the Host Institution.


6.1 All the participants must be dressed in a dignified manner befitting the legal profession for the competition.

6.2 Friendly and healthy interaction among the participating teams and with the students of the host institution is encouraged and expected.

6.3 English language shall be followed as the mode of communication throughout the Competition.

6.4 Use of electronic device/s (Laptop/desktop/Tablet or Mobile) is strictly limited to the purposes of research and participation in the competition only.

6.5 Participants shall not reveal the identity of his/her college/university at any point of time during the competition.

6.6 Scouting or any other unethical/unprofessional conduct is strictly prohibited.

6.7 Any participant found to have deviated from any rule may be disqualified at the discretion of the organizers and the decision will be final.


7.1 The competition will be conducted in online mode through Cisco Webex.

7.2 This competition shall be consisting of Three Rounds namely, Preliminary Rounds, Semi Final Rounds and Final Round.

7.3 There will be two Preliminary Rounds.

7.4 Top Six teams from the preliminary rounds shall go to the Semi-final rounds on the basis of the team score of both the preliminary rounds.

7.5 The Semi-finals shall be held simultaneously in different virtual sessions judged by different panel of judges.

7.6 In case of a tie for the 6th place, all the tied teams will be eligible to go to Semi-finals rounds.

7.7 Top two teams from the Semi-final rounds shall go to the Finals of the India National Rounds on the basis of team scores.

7.8 In case of a tie for the 2nd place, all the tied teams will advance to the Final Rounds.

7.9 The problems for the competition will be set in the area of Contract Law in the context of Sport and Entertainment.  The organizers will select the clients to play the role as required by the problems.


8.1 There will be two stages in the competition, viz. client interviewing and counseling; and post-interview and counseling stage, without client.

8.2 The teams shall have a maximum of 35 minutes, of which 25 minutes are allocated for client interviewing and counseling.  The remaining 10 minutes shall be for post-interview stage to discuss among themselves (team) and summarize as to how they will go about with dealing the case.

8.3 During the first stage of 25 minutes as mentioned above, if necessary, the teams can access primary or secondary sources for research.

8.4 During the second stage of post interview period of 10 minutes as mentioned above, when the client will not be there, the teams shall have to summarize the interview, analyze the problem and indicate the course of action to be undertaken. During this time period, the judges may also seek clarification/s from the teams regarding their approach and analysis of the issues.

8.5 There will be negative marking if the team exceeds the time allocated for different rounds. (Criteria for the same shall be communicated at the beginning of the round/s of the competition.)

8.6 In both the stages, one member of the team will take the lead role and the other a supplementary role.

8.7 There should be good co-ordination between the two team members throughout the 35 minutes’ period.


The competition shall be judged on the basis of the following criteria:

 Establishing the working atmosphere and professional approach
 Eliciting the problem of the client and the tools used in so doing.
 Clients’ goals, expectation and needs
 Analysis and formulation of the problem with precision
 Suggesting alternatives
 Allowing the client to informed choice
 Effective conclusion of the counseling session
 Team work
 Management of ethical and professional relation with the client – dealing with emotional and legal needs of the client.
 Post interview session interaction with the judges/among themselves


Last date of Registration:20th February, 2022
Orientation Programme:4th March, 2022 (FN)
Preliminary Rounds:5th March, 2022
Semifinal and Final Rounds: 6th March, 2022


Advisory Board

  1. Prof. (Dr.) V. C. Vivekanandan, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, HNLU Raipur
  2. Prof. (Dr.) Uday Shankar, Registrar, HNLU Raipur
  3. Prof. (Dr.) Yogendra Kumar Srivastava, Dean-Outreach and Regulatory Compliance (External)

Organizing Committee

  1. Dr. Rana Navneet Roy, Associate Professor – Secretary
  2. Dr. Ankit Awasthi, Assistant Professor – Co – Secretary
  3. Dr. Ankit Singh, Assistant Professor – Member
  4. Ms. Garima Panwar, Assistant Professor – Member
  5. Ms. Barkha Dodai, Assistant Professor – Member
  6. Mr. Abhinav Shukla, Assistant Professor – Member
  7. Ms. Hina Iliyas, Assistant Professor – Member


Dr. Ankit Awasthi, Assistant Professor – Co – Secretary

Contact no.  7355235075/9919521188

Email id:

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