Keep out UP, Bihar and Delhi de Bhaiya says CM Channi

17th Feb 2021

Rahul Kushwaha

Indian  Constitution’s Preamble contains few words or lines like We the People of India, Unity, Integrity, and the most important word Fertanity among all Indians. Our constitution promises us social justice. And article 19 gives right to every citizen right to move in India, article 19 is a fundamental right, no one can take away your fundamental rights without any reasonable restriction. Article 32 safeguards our fundamental rights,  it gives us the power to go directly to the apex court in case of infringement of fundamental rights, even BR Ambedkar said artice 32 is the Heart and Soul of Indian Constitution.

 An exhortation to voters by Punjab Honorable CM Charanjit Singh Channi to keep out “all the UP, Bihar, and Delhi de bhaiye”, uttered to claps of approval from “Punjaban” Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, on Wednesday led his political rivals to slam the poll pitch as being inherently divisive and an insult to the state’s migrant population. These are unacceptable and unsuitable words by Honorable CM, and the other most unfair thing was that Honorable Congress Leader Priyanka Gandhi(UP ki ladki) smiles and appreciated CM Channi. No one can understand who she is, and what is her real identity? when she goes to Up she claims I am UPs, daughter, when she goes to Punjab she becomes Punjaban, When she goes to Jammu and Kashmir she claims I am Kashmiri Pandit when she goes to West Bengal she became proud Bangali when she goes to Kerala she becomes proud Mallu women when she goes to Tamil Nadu she became proud Tamil women, and the last but not least when goes to Italy she becomes proud Italian lady like her Mumma. it is very proud for her and her brother, they have lots of identities. And we all respect their feelings. But this is her duty to protect and respect their motherlands. Now the question that arises, last weak in Uttar Pradesh she claimed: “I am UP’s Daughter.” and after few weak her minister says Keep out UP’s de Bhaiya in presents of her in the answer of this comment she smiles and appreciates Honorable CM. This is very bad gesture for UP’s population. UP is the Heart of India and don’t hurt India’s heart. People of UP, Bihar, and Delhi will never forget this insult and never forgive for this discriminatory comment. 

The main cause of poverty in UP, Bihar, Delhi is a huge population, limited resources, and unlimited wants, that’s UP and Bihar people migrants to other states and face these kinds of discrimination daily. Now this discrimination has become an important part of their life. This is not the first time they are being discriminated against. in the late 20th century Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Gujrat, Kerala, and Goa where they were faced huge discrimination and problems. when the lockdown was imposed for the first time in 2020, these people and poor were first thrown out of their workig states and come on the street. Thousands of migrants died including infants. 

Is not this country ours? And is it article 15, 14, 19, and 32 implemented on us?

DISCLAIMER  These are my own opinion, and not inspired by any political party and ideology.

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