1,137 Cases of Model Code of Conduct Violation in Four Phases

In the first four stages of the elections, the Uttar Pradesh Police Department recorded 1,137 occurrences of model code of conduct violations. According to senior police officers at the DGP headquarters, no incidents of violence or clashes have been reported so far during the polls. This was made possible by police planning ahead of time and the substantial deployment of central paramilitary forces.

Meerut tops the list of districts with 51 election code violations, followed by Jhansi with 45.With 26 cases, Lucknow was the most active commissionerate, followed by Kanpur with 20.

Prashant Kumar, the Additional Director General (ADG) for Law and Order, stated that all 1,137 instances will be thoroughly investigated based on the facts. He also credited the fourth phase’s calm conduct to a month-long planning process that included mapping all communally sensitive and expenditure-sensitive constituencies in order to keep watch ahead of time.

Since campaigning has gone digital, the Uttar Pradesh Police Department has established a ‘digital monitoring cell.’ The cell is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The cell has around 31 police officers under the command of an Additional Superintendent of Police (SP) rank officer, and its strength was recently increased with the addition of 15 trained personnel just before the elections, bringing the total number of staff to 46.

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