Centre for Research in Competition Law and Policy or CRCLP is inviting submissions by way of call for blogs. We accept submissions on a rolling basis.

About the blog

Centre for Research in Competition Law and Policy was established by Dharmashastra National Law University, Jabalpur (DNLU) on 24th February 2020 after the Competition Commission of India empaneled DNLU into a panel of reputed institutions having expertise in law, economics, finance, and management for Competitive Assessment of Economic Bills and Legislations.

CRCLP Blog is a student-run initiative of Centre for Research in Competition Law and Policy to promote legal discourse and research in the field of competition law. The blog aims at increasing awareness and fostering discussion on the present day issues of competition law. The blog further provides a platform to analyse topics pertaining to competition law which has not been adequately explored. In furtherance of its objectives, the blog is inviting submissions on a rolling basis on the subject matter of Competition Law and Policy.

Content Guidelines

1.    The blog encourages articles that deal with issue of Competition Law and Policy of contemporary relevance. However, you may analyze an old-issue or take up an issue that is not sufficiently discussed on other forums.

2.    The submission shall be original and unpublished work of the author. Any form of plagiarism shall be a ground for rejection. The blog, however, allows a similarity index of up to 20%.

3.    The authors are advised to have their submissions in the range of 1000-1500 words. Longer posts may be published in parts, subject to discretion of the Boards.

4.    The submission must be in Microsoft Word (.docx) format. It shall be accompanied with an abstract of about 60-80 words and 3-5 keywords. The authors may choose to send an image, related to the article, along with the submission. Due credit must be provided to the original source of the image.

5.    We advise the authors to use in-text hyperlinks instead of footnotes. However, sources that cannot be accessed online may be cited as footnote. We do not allow use of endnotes.

6.    The title of the article should be formatted to Garamond, font size 14. The main body should be formatted to Garamond, font size 12 with 1.5 line spacing. The footnote, if any, should be formatted to Garamond, font size 10 with single line spacing.

7.    The title of the article should be precise, capturing the crux of the article and ideally be of not more than 15 words.

8.    Co-authorship is allowed to a maximum of two authors.

9.    By submitting the article to the blog, the author consents to its publication.

How to Submit?

If you wish to publish your article on our blog, please write to us at crclp@mpdnlu.ac.in. The subject of the mail shall be “Submission CRCLP Blog: Title of the Manuscript” and the author shall specify their full name and affiliation in the covering email.

CRCLP conducts a blind review process and retains absolute discretion in determining whether to publish the article or not.

Contributor’s Agreement

By submitting the article to CRCLP blog, the author guarantees that the work is original and unpublished, and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Upon publication, all copyright over the article vests with CRCLP. The Centre cannot be held liable for any liability accruing from the work of the authors.

Upon publication of the article, the copyright over the article shall automatically transfer to CRCLP Blog. Therefore, all the articles shall be shared on various social media handles of CRCLP. We allow cross-posting of the published blog posts on other platforms. However, such cross-posting shall duly acknowledge that the article was originally published CRCLP Blog.

Contact Information

Ms. Aditi Richa Tiwary (Student Head, CRCLP and Executive Editor): +919424726559

Ms. Tanish Gupta (Associate Editor): +919993236813

Click here for the official website of CRCLP Bloghttps://dnlucrclpblog.wordpress.com/

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