How India Will Vote at UNGA?

On Saturday, i.e., 28 February 2022, India abstained from condemning Russian action in Ukraine, under UN Security Council Resolution 8979. But now the delima has dawned since the U.S. and European-led coalition is pushing for a vote at the UN General Assembly aimed at “isolating Russia”. This UNGA vote is expected to take place as early as Monday. The UNGA vote will follow a discussion of the UNSC, on Sunday night in an “emergency special session” to examine the text of Resolution 8979 which Russia had vetoed.

The U.S. and European countries leading the diplomatic charge against Russia are expecting to gain a large majority in UNGA, because more than 80 countries co-sponsored Resolution 8979. To succeed in their attempt the European countries are working hard to convince others to vote along with them.

As per a European diplomat, “We are presenting our position to the [India’s] Ministry of External Affairs on why must it support Ukraine against Russia’s attacks”. “It is up to India to decide whether to stand with the aggressor or the victim,” he added, saying that despite the earlier abstention, diplomats feel India could “potentially” change its position. Another statement from the German Foreign Ministry said, “It is important to speak up in one voice around the world: Russia’s President Putin is an aggressor and has violated international law & the European peace order”.

On the contrary, the Russian Embassy in India tweeted that it “highly appreciated India’s independent and balanced position at the voting in the UNSC on February 25”.

India has refrained from supporting any resolution criticising Russia but officials said India’s growing concerns over the “humanitarian crisis” and Indian students caught in the crossfire in Ukraine could find a mention in the new resolution, which could invite a rethink in New Delhi. Ministry of External Affairs officials declined to comment on how India will vote on these resolutions.

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