Ukraine Crisis

The Ukraine Crisis is marred by a number of unfortunate incidents.

As per United Nations report, nearly 6,77,000 refugees have fled Ukraine for safety in neighbouring countries, while around a million people are estimated to be internally displaced.

The UN Refugee Agency chief Filippo Grandi said, “the numbers of people on the move was extremely worrying… We are looking at what could become Europe’s largest refugee crisis this century”. He added that around half had fled to Poland, while roughly 90,000 had reached Hungary, 60,000 Moldova, 50,000 Slovakia and 40,000 Romania. Although all neighbouring countries of Ukraine have so far kept their borders open, the number of refugees are “exponentially increasing”, which is very worrisome.

Another tragedy was reported when the war in Ukraine claimed its first Indian casualty as a 21-year-old student from Karnataka was killed on Tuesday in an attack by Russian forces in Ukraine’s Kharkiv city.  The victim was identified as Naveen S. Gyanagoudar. He was killed while standing outside a grocery store to buy food. It is unclear whether Mr. Gyanagoudar was killed by Russian shelling on a government building or in the gunfire by Russian soldiers that followed. Responding to the incident, Foreign Secretary Harsh Shringla said, the body had been taken to the Kharkiv National Medical University, and will be brought back as soon as possible along with about 4,000 students who are still trapped in Kharkiv and other places under Russian fire.

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