Evacuation from Ukraine is Underway

India has launched Operation Ganga to evacuate Indian nationals from Ukraine, which is marred by conflict. As per an official, “Under the Operation Ganga, so far 76 flights have brought over 15,920 Indians back to India. Out of these, 13 flights landed in the last 24 hours”. Officials added that over 21,000 Indians have come out of Ukraine since the issuance of an advisory weeks before the conflict began. Out of which, 19,920 have already reached India. The Indian embassy in Hungary has asked over Twitter, students who are still in Ukraine, to report to designated contact points for return to India. The notice reads, “Important Announcement: Embassy of India begins its last leg of Operation Ganga flights today. All those students staying in their OWN accommodation (other than arranged by Embassy) are requested to reach @Hungaria city centre, Rakoczi Ut 90, Budapest between 10 a.m.­12 p.m.”. Another update from Kyiv is that Harjot Singh, the Indian student who was shot while trying to flee Kyiv a few days ago, is returning to Delhi on Monday. The Ukrainian airspace has been shut since February 24 due to the Russian military offensive. Indian citizens stuck in Ukraine were being airlifted once they crossed over to neighbouring countries such as Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. However, it is hard to evacuate those stranded in Sumy because of the ceaseless bombing and shelling by the Russians. The students stuck in Sumy report, “There is no water here, electricity supply has been disrupted. There’s no money in ATMs, girls don’t have sanitary napkins”. They have requested the government to undertake immediate measures to evacuate all of them.

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