Madras High Court Grants Conditional Bail to Former Minister D Jayakumar

Author: Eshita

The Madras High Court granted conditional bail to AIADMK leader and former Minister D Jayakumar in the first case filed against him on the accusation of assaulting and displaying a DMK worker shirtless at a polling station here on February 19 during the urban local body elections. The petitioner (Jayakumar) must stay in Tiruchirappalli for two weeks and report to the Cantonment police on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, according to Justice A D Jagadish Chandra, who granted the relief. The prosecution had already informed the judge that Jayakumar may be granted bail with strict conditions. The State has no objections to the relief being granted, according to the attorney. He signed an affidavit stating that he The counsel noted that an affidavit to the effect that he would not engage in any such action in the future may be obtained from him. The judge gave Jayakumar relief after writing his thanks for the State’s generosity and recorded the statement. Senior counsel Sanjay R Hegde and A Natarajan, who represented the former Minister, maintained that Jayakumar had only compelled DMK cadre Naresh Kumar to remove his shirt because he was a hard core criminal facing numerous criminal cases. They claimed there was a good likelihood he had a knife hidden in his clothing. In actuality, Jayakumar had saved Naresh from being beaten up by others. On the other side, he (Jayakumar) was apprehended by the police. The duo further informed the judge that the FIR against Jayakumar was only filed for bailable offences. However, Sec. 307 of the IPC (attempt to kill) was added afterwards. This was done solely to prevent him from seeking justice from the lower courts and to exact political retribution, according to Natarajan and Hegde. He had previously been granted bail for disobeying a requirement of the Chennai City Police Act.

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