Putin says, Indian students hostage in Kharkiv

On Thursday, i.e, 3 March 2022, hours after India declared that its plans to evacuate nationals from Kharkiv were disrupted, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that a large number of Indian students “continue” to remain “hostage” in a train station in Kharkiv. As per Mr. Putin, the Ukrainian forces are preventing foreign citizens from leaving Kharkiv and are therefore taking prisoners. “They are taking hostage foreign citizens, including thousands of students who went to college in Ukraine. For more than one day at a train station in Kharkiv, 3,179 Indian citizens were held prisoner. They are still there… Most of them are still there, including 576 people in Sumy. Neo Nazis opened fire at Chinese citizens who wanted to leave Kharkiv, two of them were wounded,” Mr. Putin said during a speech at the Security Council of Russia. A day prior to this statement, Mr. Putin held a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss the situation in Kharkiv. Officials say, Ukraine and Russia are working to create a humanitarian corridor in order to facilitate safe evacuation of foreign nationals. An official of the Ministry of External Affairs said a large number of Indian students previously stranded in the city managed to reach nearby points of evacuation after an “urgent advisory” from the Embassy of India but the rest of the students are yet to be moved. India has promised to step up the operation to evacuate its citizens.

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