Concept Note for the Team Membership

About the Organization

As the name suggests ‘Consumer Assisto’ has the ideology to provide legal assistance to consumers and build content of all the legislations and case laws which shall be accessed by everyone. The project aims to help pro-bono services. We also try to reach out to the
general public who need legal assistance and reduce the exploitation of consumers.
Departments Offered :
• Content Team
• Human Resource & Events
• Research and Development
• Public Relation
• Designing
• Newsletters
• Camping

About the Team Membership

We are looking for applications in various departments. Kindly go through the department and type of work attached with the department and the interested applicants can send their
resume for the specific positions open in various departments:

• Content creation: The student team will write short notes on numerous foci related to consumer laws and summary or case comment of consumer cases.
• Research and Development: The student team will have to conduct extensive research and help in drafting of the petitions.
• Media and Marketing Division: The student team will promote the project and conduct various awareness drives in different areas
• Legal team / Litigation: File and appear before consumer forums and drafting of complaints.

➢ Certificate of membership on duly completion of the assigned
➢ Well researched articles may be published on the official website.
➢ Opportunity to attend events of Consumer Assisto during the
tenure, free of cost.

Six months (may be extended based on the performance of the intern)

How to apply-
Interested applicants can fill the form.


Bharat Kaushik

Ph. No.- 7976036133


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