“One day I will become MLA, then chief minister of Punjab.” Jugnu

When a teacher asked the question Jugnu, “what do you want to become?” then Jugnu answered, “I will become an MLA then chief minister of Punjab.” After listening to this statement one question arises in our mind, who is Jugnu.? Jugnu is a character of Punjabi TV show ‘JUGNU HAZIR HAI’ 2007 in that Show newly elected CM of Punjab Honorable Bhagwant Mann. Jugnu’s answer was scripted but today his line came to be true now he become the 17th CM of Punjab. In the Punjab state election, AAP won 92 seats out of 117 seats, CONG. Won 18, SAD won 4, BJP won 8, and Others 1 seat, even famous Politicians are lose their safe seats, including CM Channi, Sidhu, 5 times CM Prakash Badal, etc. Aam Aadmi Party has swept Congress, SAD, and others. AAP won 92 seats out of 117, and Bhagvant Mann will became the next Chief Minister of Punjab. Mr. Mann drew cheers from the crowd on Thursday as he announced that his oath-taking ceremony will be held at Khatkarkalan in Nawanshahr district, the ancestral village of freedom fighter Bhagat Singh.

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