GMU Certificate Course on International Maritime Law in association with KIIT School of Law

About the course:

Maritime Law is a unique field of law that significantly impacts people’s everyday lives. No country can work in isolation, and maritime law enables countries to connect in today’s world. As 90% of global trade depends upon ships, a great deal of emphasis has to be laid on sea regulations. It is a little-known fact that a vessel can be operated from one country, flagged for operational reasons to another, and then has crew from another nation. This makes the domain of Shipping law more intricate yet exciting to pursue as a professional. Increasing work in the maritime space for reasons like ship arrest, cargo claims, etc., provides excellent opportunities. Five days Training Program is aimed to cover a wide range of areas related to maritime law, including Shipping Contracts, Marine Environment, Admiralty law, and Maritime Dispute Resolution.

To make the participants aware of the legal framework governing the maritime sector. It will equip participants with knowledge on contemporary and advanced issues related to the maritime industry. The training course would be ideal for students and professionals aiming to specialize in the shipping and maritime domain

The Target Audience

The program is designed for anyone who has a passion for shipping and the diverse legalities that ships need to comply with, not just limited nationally but on an international level. The course is also aimed to attract those who are already working in the industry but strive to get on to a fascinating and challenging role.

Duration of the Online Course

Five Days from 21st March 2022 to 25th March 2022

Total Duration is 10 Hours

Timings Two sessions per day

Session 1- 15:00 PM – 16:00 IST

Session 2- 16:00 PM – 17:00 IST

Modules covered

·       Law of the Sea

·       Law of Marine Environment

·       Law of Admiralty

·       Maritime Dispute Settlement

·       Maritime Labour Law

·       Carriage of Passenger by Sea

·       Law of Carriage of Goods by Sea

Registration Details

Registration Fees- Rs. 1000/- (Including GST)

(No Fees will be charged from the students of Gujarat Maritime University and KIIT School of Law)

For Registration, log on to

For additional information, details of topics, and Time Schedule please visit: 

Contact Details

Course Coordinator

Mr. Abhay Singh

Assistant Professor of Law,

School of Maritime Law, Policy and Administration,

Gujarat Maritime University

Phone: +91 7044070150,



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