MediateGuru in collaboration with Newcastle University, United Kingdom presents 1st Virtual International Negotiation Competition 2022 | 24-26 June 2022

About Newcastle University, United Kingdom

Newcastle University is a member of the prestigious Russell Group of UK research intensive universities and ranked in the top 150 universities in the world (2022 QS rankings).  Its Law School is dynamic and innovative delivering vocationally-relevant, research-led teaching and an outstanding student experience. The School has particular strengths in mediation, negotiation and ADR and recently launched a new online LLM in Mediation and International Commercial Dispute Resolution. 

About MediateGuru

Disputes are rife in all walks of life.  In the era of increasing  legal disputes due to high population within which there are different demographics, not all people can afford the high cost of going to court to seek justice or wait for years to get justice.. Here we come to assist you. We intend to bridge the gap between the classes in a community and mediators, and provide a linkage between the same with an aim to provide social awareness. 

Apart from this, we organize various landmarks events such as conferences, webinars, competitions including Mediation and Arbitration Competitions.


MediateGuru’s 1st Virtual International Negotiation Competition 2022 will be held in hybrid (both physical and virtual mode in the month of June.

Preliminary Round 1 and 2, with Semi Finals, will be conducted through Virtual Mode, whereas *Final can be conducted in MediateGuru’s office situated in New Delhi.

*Provided that qualifying finalist teams reside and is willing to travel for the final rounds.

About the Negotiation Competition

The Competition aims at providing an opportunity to law students from top universities around the world to practice and improve their negotiation skills, learn from their peers and benefit from the expertise and experience of judges. It provides a platform for law students to compete in a truly diverse and international environment, making negotiations more complex than usual.

Participation in the Competition is on the first come first serve basis.

The Competition Administrator reserves the right to charge teams a nominal registration fees, payable online or by any other mode of payment.

Register by filling the 

Google form – 


Participating Team Composition

  • There will be team of two individual. 
  • The team will be represented by Eligible Students with one taking the role of “Counsel” and the other taking the role of “Client”.


  1. Negotiation Simulations and Confidential Information
  2. Each Negotiation Simulation will consist of General Information for all parties and Confidential Information for each party. There will be three Negotiation Simulations, one for each round of the Competition.
  3. All Participating Teams will receive General Information for the two Preliminary Rounds, the Semi-Final and the Final Rounds before the commencement of the Competition on the date communicated by the organizers.
  4. The Participating Teams will be assigned the party that they will represent during each of the Preliminary Rounds well in advance and each team will receive Confidential Information pertaining to the interests of the party they will be representing in each of the rounds prior to the commencement of each round.
  5. The Participating Team will not disclose the Confidential Information to anyone else at any time between the receipt of this information and the conclusion of the Competition, save that disclosure by the Participating Teams during a Negotiation Session (to the extent they consider necessary or appropriate) is permitted.



The Competition will involve the following award categories:

  • Best Negotiating Pair
  • Second Best Negotiating Pair
  • Best Negotiating Pair in prelims
  • Best Negotiation Plan
  • Certificate of Participation

Further detailed incentives under these award criteria will be launched before the commencement of the competition

For more details, contact:

Ms. Garima Rana

+91 8800474226

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