Ukrainian Colleges Offer Online Classes

Bringing an immediate but temporary relief for Indian medical students enrolled in Ukrainian colleges, Ukrainian colleges have decided to commence online classes, to prevent loss of education to students due to the ongoing war. Students were informed of the move through mail from their universities in Ukraine. Although Poland, the UAE, Hungary as well as the Indian government have offered help to the students studying in Ukrainian universities, the majority of the students want to finish their education in Ukraine to avoid any confusion about college transfers in future. According to students who are currently in India, there is uncertainty about how the course is going to pan out, owing to the fact that the National Medical Commission does not recognise or approve any medical course conducted only in online mode. Along with India, colleges in Poland, Hungary and the UAE have also opened their doors to students from Ukraine to finish their internship. Apart from medical undergraduate students studying in Ukraine, those studying in China and stuck in India for the past two years following the pandemic have appealed to the Indian government to offer them similar facilities as have been given to Indian students enrolled in medical colleges in Ukraine.

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