Online Certificate Course on Fundamentals of ICC Statute.

About Leagle Samiksha:  Leagle Samiksha was developed in June 2020 with the vision of providing a stage to initiate discussions about crucial events and happenings which must be spoken about and to thoroughly scrutinise the law. 

Background: With the current international events like Ukraine-Russia Conflict, War in Afghanistan, Israel-Palestine Issue, Military Coup in Myanmar, the future of humankind seems to be grim and Law remains the only beacon of hope. 

The Course: Leagle Samiksha is launching an Online Certificate Course on Fundamentals of ICC Statute, which will discuss the theoretical foundation of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and the practical nuances of the Court’s functioning.

The course imbibes the pedagogy to provide insights into the working of International Criminal Court. Through engaging workshops, students are provided an opportunity to understand the complexities involved in international criminal law. 

The course will help students to upgrade to an international career! 

What makes our course unique:

  1. Relevant Curriculum 
  2. UN Trained Faculty
  3. 12 Hour Workshops
  4. Fun Exercises
  5. Career Guidance
  6. Affordable Price

Course Details:

Duration: April 9th-24th  

Classes: Saturday and Sunday Only

Fees: ₹ 750

Course Instructor: Adv. Samiksha Gupta, UNICRI-UPEACE Alumna.

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Link for brochure:

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