Deadline to Submit: 1st May, 2022


Law students pursuing the law, students pursuing LL.M. or Ph.D., Research Associates, Academicians, Educators, and professionals and practitioners in any field of Law are eligible to submit.


Co-Authorship is permitted up three Authors.


Any standard formatt


  1. The font must be Times New Roman and size 12 for the body, and 10 for Footnotes.
  2. Line Spacing must be 1.5 for Body and 1.0 for Footnotes.
  3. One line gap must be maintained between all paragraphs and headings.
  4. Alignment must be justified.
  5. All text, including hyperlinks, must be in black color only.
  6. Contain an Abstract of 200-300 words.

Note :

  1. Copyright over the published articles shall vest with our journal.
  2. The Jurat won’t be liable for any copyright infringements, Authors solely will be liable for the infringements.

Plagiarism Policy

The plagiarism limit is 25 percent.

Publication Fee:

Single Authored: 300 INR

Co-Authored: 500 INR

Note: Fee is to be paid after selection only.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions must be emailed to and a declaration to the effect that the Paper is an original and previously unpublished work of the author/s.

For further clarifications, Contact us at

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