Putin should face war crimes trial: Biden

  • Charvi

Date: 5 April 2022

On Monday, i.e., 4 April 2022, U.S. President Joe Biden called President Vladimir Putin “a war criminal” and asked for a war crimes trial over the alleged atrocities against civilians in Bucha, Ukraine. Biden also expressed his willingness to impose more sanctions on Russia. 

Earlier, Mr. Biden has called Mr. Putin “a war criminal”, provoking an angry response from the Kremlin. He said, “Well the truth of the matter is, you saw what happened in Bucha… This guy is brutal and what’s happening to Bucha is outrageous and everyone’s seen it.” He added that “we have to gather all the details” to be able to have a trial.  

International journalists over the weekend found corpses in civilian clothes, some with their hands bound, in the town of Bucha outside Ukraine’s capital after Kyiv’s forces retook it from Russia’s Army. 

The Kremlin has rejected the accusations of Russian forces’ responsibility for the killing and suggested images of corpses were “fakes”. Russia’s Foreign Ministry has called for a special UN Security Council meeting on Monday to address what it said was a “heinous provocation” to blame Russian forces. 

On the other hand, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said the civilian deaths would be recognised as “genocide” by international leaders. 

The U.S. now seeks to suspend Russia from the UN Human Rights Council and EU. At the same time, Russia has redoubled its efforts in Ukraine’s south and east, and launched strikes on Sunday on the strategic Black Sea port of Odessa. 

Meanwhile, more than 4.2 million Ukrainian refugees have now fed the country since the Russian invasion, adding that the humanitarian situation was worsening.

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