Rise In Attacks Against Russian, Ukrainian migrants

-Yashi Agarwal

Date: 5th April 2022

Germany reports a rise in attacks against Russian, Ukrainian migrants

The Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said on Tuesday, “Attack against Russia and Ukrainian migrants in Germany have risen since this all started of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine”. 

She also told that since the end of the month of February 308 anti-Russian offences were recorded by police, in which there is the involvement of 15 acts of violence. She added, “offences against the Russians and the Russian facilities are on rising”.

There are lump-sumps 2,50,000 Russia born migrants and 1.50,000 people who were born in Ukraine and lived in Germany before the order came on 24th Feb 2022 the president Vladimir Putin, Russian troops in Ukraine, which has prompted more than 3,00,000 Ukrainians to flee to Germany.

As of now the attack against the people of Ukraine has also been increased, with 109 offences recorded since the end of the month of February and 13 acts of violence which include bodily harm. Most of the offences are related to property damage, insults and verbal threats.

Further Faeser said this conflict should not be allowed to creep into our societies.

We have to remind the people that this is Putin’s criminal war, this is not the war about the people of Russia who used to live in Germany.

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