India offers help to end Russia-Ukraine conflict

  • Charvi

Date: 7 April 2022

On Wednesday, i.e., 6 April 2022, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar, speaking in the Lok Sabha during a discussion under Rule 193 regarding the crisis in Ukraine and its implications, said that India will be “glad” to help in bringing about a resolution for the crisis in Ukraine. Dr. Jaishankar made it clear that Russia is “a very important partner” but India is against the conflict. 

Acknowledging the support from Russia, Ukraine and Indian nationals based in Eastern Europe during Operation Ganga to evacuate Indian students from Ukraine, he said, “In terms of diplomacy, India continues to press forcefully for an immediate cessation of hostilities and an end to violence. We encourage talks between Ukraine and Russia, including at the level of their Presidents. The Prime Minister has spoken to them both. This was precisely the message that was conveyed to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov when he was in Delhi. If India can be of any assistance in this matter, we will be glad to contribute”.

Indirectly referring to the crucial role played by Russia in India’s defence sector, Dr. Jaishankar said, “Our effort today is to stabilise economic transactions between India and Russia because this is very important for us. Russia is a very important partner in a variety of areas”. Russia is the largest arms supplier to India despite strong competition from France, Israel, the United States and other western countries. 

Whilst, Dr. Jaishankar conveyed India’s strong opposition to the ongoing conflict. He said, “We believe no solution can be arrived at by shedding blood and at the cost of innocent lives. In this day and age, dialogue and diplomacy are the right answers to any dispute and this should be borne in mind. If India has chosen a side — it is the side of peace and it is for an immediate end to violence. This is our principled stand and it has consistently guided our position in international forums and debates, including in the United Nations.” 

Dr. Jaishankar also reiterated India’s commitment to supply humanitarian goods to Ukraine. 

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