-Yashi Agarwal

Date: 06, April 2022

Sri Lanka Opposition Reject the Bid for Unity.

On Monday, the president of Sri Lanka ‘Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa’ invited all the parties in the parliament to work with him and address the country’s spiraling crisis.

The Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) party leader ‘Sajith Premadasa said that on 4th April, 2022 the party has rejected the invitation of Sri Lankan President to form an all-party government. He added, we never form an administration with the government led by ‘Rajapaksa’ as it is “Corrupt”. The party will stand with the public and their demands that both the President and his entire family will go home.

Earlier, Mr. Gotabaya had urged all parliament opposition parties that we unite together and find a solution regarding the ongoing crisis. As the Sri Lanka is suffering from a severe economic crisis and is almost entirely dependent on India for enabling them to buy the necessities that includes medicines, food, fuel, etc. There are various problems the country is facing right now as the government is forced to have power cuts for long duration, also due to the shortage of printing papers it seems like children didn’t even have a chance to sit for the exams and the whole circumstances are not seems to be improving or changing, right now.

On Sunday, out of 26 the 24 cabinet ministers resigned from their post because of the president and his brother prime minister ‘Mahinda Rajapaksa’. The president’s media had issued a release to form a new cabinet to urging all political parties to accept the portfolios of minsters.

The president replaced his own brother Basil Rajapaksa with Ali Sabry, who was the previous minister of justice and now he is the New Finance Minister. During all of this happening, the son of the Prime Minister, Mr. Mahinda, ‘Namal Rajapaksa’ have quit himself from the position of cabinet and tweeted “I have informed the secretary to the president of my resignation from all portfolios with immediate effect in hope that it may assist decision to establish stability for the people and the govt. of Sri Lanka. I remain committed to my voters, my party and the people”.

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