At UNSC Meeting, Zelenskyy Demands ‘Accountability’ For Russia ‘Crimes’

-Yashi Agarwal

Date: 07th April 2022

The President of Ukraine Mr. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, demanded “accountability” on 5th April at the U.N. Security Council for Russia’s crimes. He urged immediate action against Moscow, calling for the term “accountability” for the atrocities against civilians, as they were afraid of Russia’s reason are they preparing new offensives to seize the territory in the south and east.

The dreadful and miserable situation is created there, as the people were found dead in their respective places, they had been killed in their own houses, offices, and apartments. Also, the civilians were killed by the tanks, they usually sit in the car that is still on the road. This entire statement is said by president Volodymyr to the U.N. Council in a video message.

He also said that the term Accountability must be inevitable, at the time when Russia’s exclusion was called from the security council after approx. 6 weeks of heavy bombardments of Ukraine.

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