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to law. 

The mission of the blog is to promote academic scholarship through the development of legal reasoning and argumentation. The platform hopes to create an environment conducive to the exchange of opinion amongst law students, academicians, jurists, legal practitioners, and law and policy enthusiasts. 

Guidelines for Authors

  1. All submissions and queries are to be emailed to
  2. The submission shall be authored by not more than 2 persons.
  3. The submission shall be made in .docx/word document format.
  4. The submission shall be in the English language.
  5. The word limit for the submission should be between 1200-1500 words will be preferred. However, longer submissions may be considered on a need basis. 
  6. The font style should be Garamond with font size 12 for submission with line spacing for 1.5 in justified format.
  7. The submission must have hyperlinks to sources, including any judgments, laws, treaties or other legal texts which are referenced. Hyperlinks must link only to legal or respected news sources. The editors make the final decision over what constitutes a respectable source. 
  8. The submissions shall be properly structured with sub-headings/sub-topics.
  9. References that cannot be hyperlinked may be cited using Bluebook 21th Edition.
  10. The submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.
  11. The submission of the author/authors shall be the original work of the author and should not be plagiarized. 
  12. The Blog shall receive a disclaimer from the author that the submission has not been published on any other platform and shall not be placed for consideration before any other platform for the purpose of publication.
  13. The final publication of all submissions shall be subject to changes by the Editorial Board.
  14. Along with the blog submission, the author(s) would be required to submit an abstract of 100-150 words describing the overview of the theme covered in their blog.
  15. A relevant photograph can be provided by the authors describing their manuscript. Accompanying the image is optional (we’ll include one if you want). If you wish to provide an image to go with your blog post, it should be attributed (provide image source URL), at least 200×200 pixels, JPG, or PNG format.

Read the complete guidelines at 


In case of queries please email us at or contact –

Saharsh Panjwani (+91 9013965521)

Namrata Singhal (+91 8700519816)


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