GMU Academy on Oceans Law and Policy

About Gujarat Maritime University

Gujarat Maritime University (GMU) is an endeavor by Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB), the state regulator for the ports and maritime activities in Gujarat. The University has been conceived by visionaries to address the burgeoning need of the skilled workforce in the ever-changing dynamics of the maritime sector. The University has commenced its academic journey from 2019 with the establishment of its first School – School of Maritime Law, Policy & Administration (SMLPA), which offers LL.M and Executive Diploma Programmes in Maritime Law and International Trade Law. The University also offers MBA in shipping and Logistics under its school of Maritime Management (SMM). In pursuit of creating an institution of global standards, GMU has collaborated with internationally prominent institutions like Erasmus University, STC International, CBS Executive, ISWAN, and many more such alliances shall be forged in time to come.

About GMU Academy on Oceans Law and Policy

Academy is a one – week course devoted to issues relating to the Law of the sea. The event will offer an informative overview of the regime related to ocean governance and current challenges faced by the world in regulating oceans and seas. It will consist of a series of online sessions delivered by experts on topics such as fisheries conservation, seabed mining, protection of submarine cables, protection of the arctic marine ecosystem, etc. Academy will bring together a prestigious faculty from among the judges of the Tribunal, professors, and professionals from the maritime field with a dedicated group of highly – motivated participants from around the world.

Significance of the Course

Academy will contribute to the goals of expanding knowledge and having a positive impact on society. The event will assist in better understanding and dissemination of emerging challenges in Law of the Sea and will motivate young scholars to do research focused on these contemporary challenges in Ocean Governance. It will provide a platform for academicians and professionals of our region to interact with some of the renowned experts on the Law of the Sea. The event would be ideal for students, research scholars, academicians, and professionals who aim to enhance their expertise in the Law of the Sea.

Objective of the Course: 

  • To provide an overview of the legal regime related to ocean governance.
  • To spread awareness about contemporary challenges in regulating oceans.

Course outcomes

The Participants post completion of this course- 

  • will be able to understand the prevailing legal regime on ocean governance. 
  • will be aware about the current and emerging challenges in the ocean governance.
  • will be able to apply the knowledge attained to provide solutions to the contemporary issues in ocean governance.

Course Content

Day 109 May 2022Session 103:00PM – 04:30PM (IST)The 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea: A Living Instrument.Mr. Tomas Heidar,Vice President,International Tribunal for Law of the SeaHe is also the member of the Special Chamber formed to deal with the Dispute concerning delimitation of the maritime boundary between Mauritius and Maldives in the Indian Ocean
Day 19 May 2022Session 205:00 PM – 06:00 PM (IST)Baselines under the Law of the Sea, and State PracticeDr. Manimuthu Gandhi,Ex – Joint Secretary ( Legal & Treaties Division) & Legal Advisor, Ministry of External Affairs.He represented India and participated in all International Law negotiations pertaining to the items in agendas of VI, Committee of UN
Day 210 May 2022Session 103:00PM – 04:30PM (IST)An Evaluation of the Rights and Duties of Coastal States in Adjacent WatersAdv. V.M. Syam Kumar Maritime Lawyer, Kerala High CourtHe has appeared in many high-profile maritime litigations including Enrica Lexie shooting incident involving Italian Marines off the Indian Coast. He has more than 25 years of experience in litigation.
Day 210 May 2022Session 204:45 PM – 06:00 PM (IST)Regime for Identification and Exploitation of Continental Shelf under United Nations Law of the Sea Convention, 1982Dr. M. Sudhakar, Former Director, Center for Marine living Resources and Ecology, Dr. Sudhakar is a veteran Oceanographer with 33 years of professional experience, spent more than 1500 days at sea on-board research vessels as leader of expeditions to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica
Day 210 May 2022Session 206:15 PM – 07:15 PM (IST)Maritime Boundary Delimitation: A legal perspectiveDr. Manimuthu Gandhi, Ex – Joint Secretary ( Legal & Treaties Division) & Legal Advisor, Ministry of External Affairs.He represented India and participated in all International Law negotiations pertaining to the items in agendas of VI, Committee of UN
Day 311 May 2022Session 103:00PM – 04:30PM (IST)Deep Seabed Mining: Prospects and ChallengesDr. G.A. RamadassDirector, National Institute of Ocean Technology. Dr. Ramadass was head of India’s Deep-Sea Mining Project at National Institute of Ocean Technology
Day 412 May 2022Session 103:00PM – 04:30PM (IST)Legal Regime for Regulating Submarine Cables and Pipelines in Marine SpacesCaptain (Dr.) Nitin AgarwalaIndian Navy. Sir was commissioned into the Indian Navy in 1993. He also served as a faculty member for 4 years in CUSAT’s Department of Ship Technology. (TO BE CONFIRMED)
Day 412 May 2022Session 205:00 PM – 06:30 PM (IST)International Regime for combating Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) FishingDr. Pramod. Ganapathiraju  MCS & Fisheries Consultant, IUU Risk Intelligence Dr. Pramod has worked extensively on Fisheries Governance, Illegal fishing and Monitoring Control & Surveillance projects with a focus on policy, compliance and enforcement worldwide.
Day 513 May 2022Session 105:00 PM – 06:30 PM (IST)Warships and Law of the SeaProf. James KraskaChair and Charles H. Stockton Professor of International Maritime Law in the Stockton Centre for International Law at the U.S. Naval War College
Day 614 May 2022Session 205:00 PM – 06:30 PM (IST)The Evolving Legal Regime on Marine Biodiversity in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction.Dr. S. Rama RaoFormer Director (Legal), Ministry of External Affairs; Government of India and Ex – Member Council; International Seabed Authority. 

Fees from Participants: 590 INR

For Registration: Please click on the following link or scan the QR Code

Dates of the Event: 09 May to 14 May 2022

Mode: Online


Prof. (Dr.) S. Shanthakumar

Director, School of Maritime Law Policy and Administration

      Gujarat Maritime University

                                                    ConvenorMohit GuptaAssistant Professor,Gujarat Maritime University
Co-Convenor Saravanan RaviTeaching & Research Assistant, Gujarat Maritime University

For any query contact us on  or on +91 8056060819


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