National Debate Competition

About the ICFAI University 

The ICFAI University, Dehradun, Uttarakhand (herein  after referred to as the University) was established under  the ICFAI University Act 2003 (Act No.16 of 2003) passed  by the Uttaranchal Legislative Assembly and assented to  by the Governor on July 8, 2003. The University has also  been awarded the certificate for E-Learning Excellence in  Academic Digitization (e-LEAD). 

Rankings 2020-21  

• Ranked 36th among Top 50 World’s Universities with  Real Impact (WURI) Ranking 2021 under Industrial  Application.  

• Ranked 45th among Top Universities, In India and  only University in Uttarakhand with THE Times  Higher Education World’s Impact Ranking 2021 which  includes 18 tables-One for each of the 17 SDGs as well  as one overall Ranking 2020-21.  

• Ranked 13th in the Private University (Premier  Category) by Indian Institutional Ranking Framework  (IIRF, 2020-21). 

• Ranked 1st among Top Private Universities in  Uttarakhand; by Education World Higher Education  Ranking 2020-21

• Ranked 19th among Top Private Universities in North  India; by Education World Higher Education Ranking  2020-21. 

• Ranked 46th among Top 100 Private Universities in  India: by Education World Higher Education Ranking  2020-21

About Icfai Law School, Dehradun 

ICFAI Law School (formerly known as the Faculty of  Law), a constituent of ICFAI University, Dehradun, has  been established with the objective of developing  a new generation of legal professionals through a  comprehensive and contemporary body of knowledge,  professional skills, and research that integrates law with  Management and Humanities. The Bar Council of India  has accorded its approval for imparting three-year and  five-year law courses at ICFAI University, Dehradun,  Uttarakhand, and awarding degrees in law. 

IUD Law Rankings 2020-21  

• Ranked 13th among Best Law Schools of Eminence  in India & Rated AAA+ Among Top (Pvt.& Govt) Law  School of Uttarakhand in North Zone by Careers 360,  2021.  

• Ranked 13th among Top Law Schools of Eminence  in India by Indian Institutional Ranking Framework  (IIRF), 2020-21. 

• Ranked 1st among Top Law Schools in Uttarakhand  (Govt. & Pvt. Law Schools) by CSR-GHRDC Survey  2021.  

• Ranked 5th among Top Leading Law Schools of Super  Excellence in Overall Rank in India (Govt. and Pvt. Law  Schools) by CSR-GHRDC Survey 2021. 

About The Centre 

Centre for Corporate Law and Governance has been  constituted under the ambit of The ICFAI University,  Dehradun following its rules & regulations. The Centre  aims to encourage education and research-oriented  studies in the field of Corporate Law & Governance. The  focus of the Centre is to venture into new projects, which  will announce the convergence of academia and expert  insights on various matters on Corporate Law concerning  the future. The goal of the Centre is to support advocacy,  research and policy-oriented discussions in the areas of  Corporate Law and Governance. 

About The Competition 

The National Debate Competition aims to expose the  students to complex situations and help them identify  legal problems or gaps in their topic. This competition  can help students reach the conclusion of any case by  adopting any particular approach. 

This competition aims to break the shackles of  regionalism and bring together brilliant minds from  all across the nation on a single platform, providing  them with an opportunity to speak their hearts out  on issues of significant relevance. 


This shall be an online event. 

• At present, students/participants must be pursuing a  Bachelor’s Degree in Law, i.e., 3-year LL.B / 5-year LL.B  course from any recognized college or university 

• There will be a cap of 40 participants only, and  participants will be selected on a first come, first  served basis. 


• The topic for prelims shall be released 2 days prior to  the competition. 

• The topics for semi-final and final round shall be  released for the qualified participants on the day  of the competition, i.e. on 27th & 28th April, 2022  respectively. 

Registration Details 

• Fill out the form below to register yourself. • For registration, follow the link

• Fill out your Name, Year of Study, Branch, and  University details to complete the registration form. • There will be No Registration Fee. 

• This debate competition is a solitary competition  without the involvement of any team. 

• Upon successful registration, the participants will  receive an email from the Organizing team, providing  them with their Team Code, post 2 days of the last  date of registration. If the participants do not receive  such an email, they may contact the organizing team  at

Rules and Regulations 

• The participants shall not disclose their identity and  shall represent themselves by the code allotted to  them post-registration. 

• Use of foul or obscene language will lead to  disqualification. 

• Any behavior of indiscipline with the Judges or  members of the Organizing Committee shall be  dealt with strictly and may lead to immediate  disqualification from the Competition without any  scope of an appeal. 

• The organizers shall not be responsible for any loss  caused due to internet connectivity during the  competition. 

• The competition will be held via the Video conferencing  Platform–Zoom Meeting. 

• The link shall be provided to each participants  10 minutes prior to the scheduled round. 

• The competition will be held for 2 days i.e. on  27th & 28th April, 2022 which will consist of 3 stages: •  Prelims  

•  Semi-Finals 

•  Finals 

• The Centre for Corporate Law & Governance may  alter/change the rules and regulations, at any point of  time and the same shall be binding on the participants. 

• The decision of the judges invited for evaluation will  be final and binding. 

• The last date for registration is April 23rd, 2022. The  registration link will close on April 23rd at 11:59 pm. Dresscode 

The dress code for the Competition must be formal. Semi Finals and Finals: 

The topics will be announced on the day of the  competition i.e. on 27th & 28th April. 

Structure for the Debate 

It shall be an individual event. There shall be two sides:  one for the motion (affirmative side) & one against the  motion (opposing side). The sides will be allotted based  on a draw of lots which will be conducted prior to the  debating sessions. 

Conducting the Debate 

The debate opens with the affirmative side presenting  their arguments, followed by the statement of the  opposing side. Finally, each side gets an opportunity  to rebut the arguments of the opponent (a surebuttal  opportunity will be given only in the semi-finals and  finals). 

Timeline for Prelims 

• The speaker of the affirmative side presents arguments  in support of the resolution. (4 minutes) 

• The speaker of the opposing side presents arguments  opposing the resolution. (4 minutes) 

• Timings will be displayed on the screen twice, once  after 1 minute and second after another 3 minutes. • Rebuttal of the affirmative side (1 minute) • Rebuttal of the opposing side (1 minute) • There cannot be any interruptions. Speakers must  wait for their turns. The judges shall ensure the same. Timeline for Semi-Finals & Finals 

• The speaker of the affirmative side presents arguments  in support of the resolution. (6 minutes) 

• The speaker of the opposing side presents arguments  opposing the resolution. (6 minutes) 

• Rebuttal of the affirmative side. (2minutes) • Rebuttal of the opposing side. (2minutes) • Surrebuttal of the affirmative side. (2minutes) • Surrebuttal of the opposing side. (2minutes) • There cannot be any interruptions. Participants must  wait for their turns. 

• Total Speaking time for each Speaker (10 minutes) • A maximum of 10 minutes will be allotted after the  surrebuttal for Judges to make their concluding  remarks. 

Criteria for Evaluation 

The ground for evaluation of debate will be on the  following parameters:- 

•  Organization & Clarity 

•  Presentation Style 

•  Knowledge of Subject 

•  Originality & Ingeniousness 

•  Effective Rebuttals 

Awards & Certificates 

The total prize money is ` 10,000. 

Best Speaker (Affirmative Side) `2,500
1st Runner up (Affirmative Side) `1,500
2nd Runner up (Affirmative Side) `1,000
Best Speaker (Opposing Side) `2,500
1st Runner up (Opposing Side) `1,500
2nd Runner up (Opposing Side) `1,000

The selected Top Performers will be awarded  E-certificates of Appreciation. All the participants will  be awarded E-certificates for participation.


For any queries participants may reach out to us at 

Interested participants may also  

contact Public Relation Team for any query related :  

Mr. Amitesh Aaryan (7759969128);  

Mr. Sachin Dixit (765203872) 

Student Coordinators 

Mr. Abu Bakar Mokarim; Ms. Nitya 


Prof. (Dr.) Ram Karan Singh 

Vice Chancellor, The ICFAI University, Dehradun 


Brig. Rajiv Sethi (Retd.) 

Registrar, The ICFAI University, Dehradun 

Student Convenor 

Mr. Abu Bakar Mokarim 

Faculty Convenor 

Ms. Stuti Tiwari 

Assistant Dean, ICFAI Law School 

Dr. Monika Kharola 


Designations Name
Convenor Mr. Abu Bakar Mokarim
Co-Convenor Ms. Nitya
Secretary Ms. Kajal Tyagi
Editorial Mr. Himanshu Goenka, Mr. Dhruv Sharma
Public Relations Mr. Amitesh Kumar, Mr. Sachin Dixit
Media/Digital Mr. Shitanshu Abhishek, Mr. Ashutosh Sharma, Mr. Utkarsh Arora
Executive  MemberMs. Bidisa Naredi, Ms. Ishani Khanna, Ms. Kaushiki Keshari
Volunteer Ms. Aditi Agrawal,
Ms. Muskan Kulshreshtha

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