WORLD CYBER SECURITY FORUM & VIRTUAL LAW SCHOOL Jointly Presents TRAINING on IP for Start-Ups (TIPS_ ~ bAsic) April 26-28, 2022 | World IP Day Commemoration LIVE Sessions | Industry Experts | Time: 6:00PM, IST


The World Cyber Security Forum (WCSF) is a worldwide renowned cyber consultancy and web community that aims to raise awareness about various internet issues and serves as a source of techno-legal information for professionals, students, and citizens all over the world. WCSF is not only restricted to giving legal-techno consultancy but also Provide free counseling to those who are in need, as well as workshops, training, and accredited courses for all. The organization also deals in contract administration and contract management. Individuals are also educated on the most up-to-date cyber news and surveys through the firm. WCSF has been providing fair information to professionals on myriad security concerns that they face on a daily basis as a dedicated cyber security platform.


Virtual Law School (VLS) was founded during national lockdown in April 2020 as a purely teaching initiative. Since then VLS has facilitated law classes and critical thinking webinars/workshops for thousands of law students from across the country. It only offers certificate course and does not offer any diploma and degree. VLS promotes easy and affordable access to legal education. At VLS, Pro Bono Law Teachers and resource persons include Former Judges of Supreme Court & High Courts, Senior Lawyers, Senior Law Professors, Vice-Chancellors, Registrars of NLUs, well accomplished law scholars, foreign judges and professors, law firm and corporate professionals and civil society subject experts. VLS works on a unique concept of accepting donation of pro bono teaching hours. Most of its courses are either pro bono or low bono only to cover the cost of this project. No one draws any monetary compensation from VLS.  Hence, all its resource persons teach on a pro bono basis. And VLS is registered as a not for profit organization u/s. 8 of Companies Act, 2013 under the aegis of KETAS Education Foundation.

About the TIPS~bAsic

On World IP Day 2022, we present Training on IP for Start-Ups (TIPS) ~bAsic for Start-Up Entrepreneurs, aspirants of launching Start-Ups and Early Career Lawyers. The training aims at facilitating fundamental training on planning and launching Start-Ups vis-à-vis protecting Intellectual Property that may be invested or created by virtue of such a venture. This is meticulously designed to empower the Start-Up stakeholders.

Protection of intellectual property is a vast field and needs of Start-Ups may vary widely. Therefore, in order to provide a customized solution and training vis-à-vis distinct needs of IP protection for Start-Ups, we will offer advanced trainings on Trademark, Copyright, Patents, Designs and Trade Secrets after the completion of basic training.

This training is curated in consultation with Industry Experts who will also conduct LIVE sessions for the participants. We offer following sessions as part of this training:

  Session I: Setting up Start-Up How to start up- why business, Vision, Focus Area- Entrepreneurship Are you already an Entrepreneur with a Start-Up? Are you planning to launch a Start-Up? Start-Up India Certificate Know your Strengths Start-up Check List Idea Plan Check List      April 26      Ms. Isha Sharma (Founder, Trayambak & Viadroit, Noida)
  Session II: IP Need Assessment for Start-Ups Why you need IP? At what stage of your Start-Up IP protection is necessary?  April 27  Ms. Tanushree Sangal (Founder & Startup-Consultant, Adventus Legal, Lucknow)
  Session III: Start-Up Market Assessment Domestic IP vs. Global IP Domestic market vs. Global market?  April 27  Mr. Anay Anim (IP Lawyer, Y.J Trivedi & Co., Ahemdabad)
  Session IV: Registration of IP Basic Functional Knowledge of IP Protection for Start-Ups  April 28  Mr. Venkata Raghavan   (Proprietor, Escalade Legal Services, Bengaluru)
  Session V: Protecting IP in MedTech Protection of IP for Med Tech Start Ups in COVID Times  April 28  Dr. Shweta Singh (Founder, Ennoble IP, Noida)


  • Please register by using this Google form
  • The Registration Fees is 350 INR/-
  • The last date to register is April 25, 2022.
  • To know more about this workshop please check


  • Live & interactive sessions will be held.
  • E – Certificates will be provided to all the participants.
  • Action Orientation Training.
  • Networking with influential entrepreneurs & Start-up Consultants.
  • Consultation on start-ups operations & IP challenges.


Email WCSF | Email VLS



IP Promotion Outreach Foundation (IPPO), Ahmedabad


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