“Training Workshop On Undo Cyberbullying with Restorative Justice” [Dates: June 24-26, 2022.]

About the Organisation 

Accords International (AcIn) is world’s premiere organization in the area of conflict resolution. AcIn empowers and supports people in confronting misunderstandings and conflicts at their home, workplace, and community in general.

About the Event

We are organizing a training workshop on Undo Cyberbullying with Restorative Justice in collaboration with:

1. Department of Criminal Justice, Temple University, USA

2. DC Peace Team, USA

3. SchoolTalk, USA

4. Global Policy Insights, India, UK and USA

This workshop is a three-day intensive programme on discussing sustainable restorative solutions to cyberbullying under AcIn’s Project CyberED.

It envisions resolving the menace of cyberbullying using constructive approaches. It involves a detailed discussion on the problem and its ambit, limitedness of existing solutions, and the innovative techniques for resolving cyberbullying through restorative justice.

The workshop intends to inculcate the habit of listening, understanding and taking constructive steps for resolving classroom conflicts at early stages with collaborative approaches of teachers and students.

The workshop will give:

A. International exposure to measures pertaining to cyberbullying and restorative justice

B. Introduction to restorative justice and role-plays in RJ circle

C. Training and toolkits to conduct your own restorative justice circles

D. Assistance to schools in incorporating cyber literacy and restorative justice values in their curriculum

E. Toolkits against cyberbullying for parents, educators and teens.

Mode of workshop– Virtual.

Dates: June 24-26, 2022.

Registrations are now live.

Early Bird: May 15, 2022

Last Date to register: June 10, 2022

Registration Link:


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You can also write to us at info@accordsinternational.org.


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