About the Organization

Poor Child Educational Development Foundation is a registered enterpise with Government of Bihar. The lack of policy and program implementation of welfare and development of children made the foundation feel that it was not just the duty of Government. The people of the state should also come forward with the helping hand of Government, and ensure their effective support of people. 

In India, Poor Child Educational Development Foundation focuses on the empowerment of women and girls because they are disproportionately affected by poverty and discriminations; and suffer abuse and violations in the realization of their rights, entitlements and access and control over resources.

About National Article Writing Competition 

Yoga is part of Indian culture and daily life and today it emerged as part of daily life among people across the globe. To recognise the Yoga and its importance every year world Yoga Day is being celebrated on 21st of June. 

To allocate its importance in creating unity with people of different sectors, countries and corners of World Poor Child Educational Development Foundation is organising National Article Writing Competition and participants are being requested to submit the Article till 21st of June.

The main objective of the article writing competition is to evaluate and to check the knowledge of candidates about specific topics and the way they describe the same in writing.



Open for all Higher secondary,undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD scholar.

Registration details-


Last date of registration- 21stJune

Last date of payment- 21stJune

Make sure your payment of 50/-

Number- 8210892700[PhonePay/Google pay/Paytm]

A/C- 40748038174


Clink on the link to register


Only individual participation allowed

Word limit 1000 words

Must be written in Hindi/English

Submission in pdf form only

Name of Participant and institution should be

Mentioned at last page .

Important dates- 

Last date of registration- 21st June 10:00 AM

Last date of payment- 21st June 10:00 AM

Last date of submission- 21st June. 10:00 AM


First prize 5000 INR 

Second prize 3000 INR

Third prize 2000 INR

Consolation prize upto 5th rank

Participation certificate for all

Registration link-

How to Submit?

All submissions shall be submitted via email to 

These details should be mentioned at the last page.

Full name of the participant;

Participant’s current year of study and name of the degree pursuing,

Name of the participant’s university;

Phone number of the participant and email ID of the participant.

Submission email ID –

Coordinator- Shivam Priyadarshan

Contact us at-

Our website-

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