Online Courses and Workshops by World Cyber Security Forum (Soothing Summer Offer: Upto 70% Discount) (Register by July 10, 2022) 

World Cyber Security Forum (WCSF) is an internationally renowned cyber  consultancy and web community that aims in improving cyber security  awareness and acts as a source of techno-legal information for professionals,  students, and teenagers around the world. It offers a blend of original content  from IT professionals, peer-to-peer advice from the largest community of IT  leaders, and an extensive library of professional resources from leading IT  industry vendors. 

Courses Offered  

The Information Technology Act, 2000 (₹899.00 + Additional 20%  off*) 

This course is extremely beneficial for young individuals who are interested in  cyber laws and want to pursue it as a career. This Course not only goes over the  provisions of “The Information Technology Act, 2000,” but will also cover  practical aspects of cyber crime and laws pertaining to it. 

● Module 1: Introduction and Background of IT Act 

● Module 2: E-Governance, Digital and Electronic Signatures ● Module 3: Certifying Authorities and E-Signatures 

● Module 4: Dispute Resolution under IT Act 

● Module 5: Cyber Offenses 

● Module 6: Miscellaneous & Amendments 

To know more and register click below: information-technology-act-2000/ 

Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights (₹1,399.00 + Additional  20% off*

This course is designed by experts to explain the fundamentals of IPR and to  assist learners understand how to protect research discoveries using  copyright, trademark, and patents, among other measures. This course will 

focus on legal, practical, and business strategies to assist participants better  comprehend the complexities of IPR. 

● Module 1: Basic Concept of IPR 

● Module 2: Patent & its related laws 

● Module 3: Copyrights & its related neighbouring rights 

● Module 4: Trademarks & their related laws 

● Module 5: Geographical Indications & its related laws 

To know more and register click below: intellectual-property-rights/ 

Introduction to Cyber Laws (₹1,799.00 + additional 20% off*) 

This course has been designed to provide an in-depth overview not only of the  basic principles of cyber law, but also of legal issues relating to e-governance,  e-commerce, e-contracts & IPRs. This course covers various aspects of the  cyber world along with terminologies, their legal implications and various other  crimes along with their prevention.  

● Module 1: Introduction to Computers 

● Module 2: Cybercrime & its Classification 

● Module 3: Cyberspace and Cyber Law 

● Module 4: E-Commerce and E-Contracts 

● Module 5: Intellectual Property Rights in Cyberspace 

● Module 6: Project Work 

To know more and register click below:

Introduction to Cyber Security (₹1,999.00 + additional 20% off*) 

This course is designed by experts to help learners gain a better grasp of  computer networks and system security technology and methods. It gives  learners a foundational understanding of cyber security threats, vulnerabilities,  and dangers. 

● Module 1: Introduction to Computer & Cyber Security 

● Module 2: Cyber Crimes & E-Attacks

● Module 3: Cyber Security Issues 

● Module 4: Investigation Process of Cyber Crimes 

● Module 5: Digital Forensics 

● Module 6: Cyber Related Laws & Statutes 

● Module 7: Project Work 

To know more and register click below: security/ 

Training Workshops 

Online workshop on Cyber Hygiene (₹349 + additional 20% off) 

This will cover the basics of cyber hygiene that should be followed by all  netizens.  

To know more and register click below:

Additional Benefits 

● 2 years access to the course material. 

● Recorded videos and content. 

● Tailored one-on-one career and job counselling sessions with industry  experts. 

● One time CV assessment and specialized tech lawyer training. ● Lectures from industry experts on a variety of topics. 

● Access to PPT & videos related to the topic. 

● Exclusive Half Yearly Membership of WCSF free for all. 

● E-Certification of Merit or Appreciation for all. 

● 1 blog publication for free (it has to complete the screening process). ● 10% discount on other related courses for meritorious students. ● Internship opportunity with WCSF for meritorious students.

Fee Structure 

We have decided to offer huge discounts to sooth your summer. Please check  the prices of the courses here: learning/ 

Please use code: “CYBERLEARNING10” to avail the discount.  Offer valid till July 10, 2022 only. 

*We are offering an additional discount of 20% to WCSF members only. 

If you wanted to opt for membership plans, please check: 

Contact Us 


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