Rajinder Nagar bypoll: BJP candidate will win as people with us, says Adesh

The Delhi BJP president Adesh Gupta on Sunday inaugurated the election office of the Rajinder Nagar and said that the saffron party has come out to win and will surely win because the people of Rajendra Nagar are with us.

Addressing the media, Gupta said that the Rajesh Bhatia has spent his entire life in serving the people of Rajendra Nagar, while Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal did not find any sooner daughter or young woman or anyone from Rajendra Nagar, so has brought a defeated candidate from Karawal Nagar to contest from here.

Gupta said that this is the time to teach a lesson to Kejriwal. As soon as the BJP declared its candidate, Durgesh Pathak had fainted.

“After looting the Delhi Jal Board (DJB), Kejriwal sent Raghav Chadha to Punjab. Where did the Rs 57000 crore of jal board and Rs 300 crore spent in the name of water in Rajendra Nagar go, is not known? People are yearning for water. He said that Kejriwal used to say that neither he will take a car nor any security, but today he is investing crores of rupees in his residence. Also, his ministers are buying 500 bighas of land. Now the people of Rajendra Nagar will not be lured in by  Kejriwal’s big talk, so they have made their mind to ensure Durgesh loses his security deposits,” Gupta said.

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